The Window

This is a recurring dream… no idea when it started, perhaps a few years ago. Not sure if I have this dream every night, but quite often…
The Window

Again I walk down this lonely cobblestone-street. It is dark and the rain had stopped a while ago. I am shivering a little. The cobblestones are slippery so I carefully step aside when I hear a one-horse carriage approaching from behind. I cannot not see who is in the carriage. All I can see in the dim light of a street lantern is the back of the coachmen. I stop for a moment, holding my breath. Much to my relief the carriage leaves the narrow main road after a few more yards and turns to the right. Now I can see it … not far away… a brightly illuminated window on the ground floor of a big house. It is one of those early Georgian Houses you still find in Edinburgh, luxuriously equipped, light-grey, surrounded by an iron fence which is over 10 feet high. This is just to protect the house owners from the ordinary mob. But this is not Edinburgh, I can feel it…

The drizzle starts again and I pull the hood of my long, black cape entirely over my head while I slowly approach the house. My heart is beating so strong when I reach the end of the cobblestone-street. To the left and the right the narrow street continues. My shivering hands are clasping the iron fence as I look at the window… so bright, a promise of warmth. Then I see her and my thoughts suddenly go back to the Highlands while I watch her, brushing her long, dark hair. My mind is far away, a lonely Loch, surrounded by Bens. I fly a few miles, higher and higher and look down to the Glens where the Highland Cattle are grazing. Then I change my direction and soon I pass the Trossachs and Loch Lomond. And then I see them… hundreds of warriors hidden in the Drunkmoon Wood, their faces painted white and blue… All this happens at the same time about 12 Miles from where I am now as I watch the young lady behind the illuminated window. How wonderful she is… her skin so white! How shy she was the first time! So young and innocent, a daughter of a respectable bourgeois family. And how excited I was when my time finally had come… when I used all my seductiveness – and perhaps a few supporting spells – to make her mine. When we sat at the edge of her bed and when I put my arms around her, embracing her while I touched the soft skin of her neck, playing gently with her long hairs… my lips inches from hers. Then our breast touched and she was confused when she felt my hard buds… her eyes so wide when my tender hands caressed her breast and much to my delight her innocent rosebuds grew….

Soon our lips touched each others as I untied her corset. She looked into my eyes, so full of love and desire. So I stroke her hairs again, I gently touched her cheeks and while I deeply looked into her eyes my fingertips started to fondle her shoulders, then her upper arms… my fingertips were tickling her back… down to her hips. She moaned slightly when I pressed my lips harder against hers and soon she opened her mouth when my tongue demanded entry. I softly cupped her breast and my tender fingers played with her nipples, slowly rubbing them between my fingers… Once more I looked deep into her eyes before we stopped kissing and now I started to circle with my tongue around her stiff nipples. She shut her eyelids when I started to suck her stiff buds into my mouth and finally I felt her hand at my breast, softy squeezing and then she pulled my breasts out of my cleavage and started to suck my hard summits… and she deeply moaned when my hand slide into her knickers. No doubt, now she was mine and she called my name when my fingers slowly started to twirl in her pussy…. and I made her cum for the first time in her life. At least I was sure it was the first time for her. So we spend the night together and we could not get enough. When the morning sun was shining through the curtains we had tried so many wonderful positions whereas soixante-neuf was our favourite which we did once more after we woke up.

Raindrops are dripping on my face, mixing with tears. I feel the cold, wet iron fence like ice in my shivering hands. She turns her back on me, not knowing that I still watch her while still brushes her hairs. She no longer is mine…. my heart feels so sad, like it was hit by a knife. This what will happen is out of my control. Tomorrow she becomes the fiancée of someone else… she has already been promised to a Captain of the Royal Troops. Same to same – the strategy of the nobles and rich. I cannot stop my tears and the pain in my heart becomes intolerable… so I turn around. I do not look back and I no longer feel the hard wind that blows freezing rain into my face.

Restless I walk aimlessly through the empty streets, feeling completely numb and isolated. Then suddenly someone stands in front of me, first I notice some riding boots, then a sword and when I raise my eyes he excitedly gasps with a choked voice: “Thanks God I found you! We will start soon. So what are your proposals? Your advice, scout?”

With eyes cold as ice I look at him, completely numb. “Take the road through the Drunkmoon Wood.,,,”

“We will make a wide detour!”

“Yes, you will”, I calmly reply. “This is the only way. The main road was flooded last night.”

“So hurry up and come with us! We need you as our scout!” he commands while his curling moustache shivers.

“I will come soon. I stay a mile behind you to watch out for enemy scouts…”.

He nods. Then he disappears. His days are numbered, his men are lost. I feel so guilty and they will burn me for that.

I turn around and walk back to the big house with the brightly illuminated window. Her Captain will not come back.


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