The Order of Sweetwhores



“Pour sûr? Are you sure?”

The redhead nodded. “Certainly, my wife! The jewels of Tyria identify the real Queen. And this was not the first time someone tried to steel them. We must keep our eyes open!”

Penelope de la Diamant Noir  breathed deeply, she looked at her big cleavage and ordered her boobs. She smiled when she noticed a sweet little love-bite as a nice reminder of the nookie she just enjoyed with her wife.

“I love your love-bites so much, Sally d’Écossais.” Madame de la Diamant Noir looked out the window and in a distance she noticed a carriage drawn by four horses. “Oh, oh…. bitch-alarm…. Charlotte dan Eider… and probably her sister.”

The Queen nodded. Charlotte dan Eider was a Baroness and she loved fancy clothes. And titles. It was no doubt that her cleavage and a few other talents helped her to achieve her title and all the money for those fancy things. However, even the most elegant ladies often where the most active whores and people said Madam dan Eider was born with a dick in her mouth. Sally knew that dan Eider had a lot of experiences even with women. Everyone knew that she was the secret whore of Duke Rogont. Also it was no secret that the Duke had potency problems. But Madam dan Eider was an expert in kinky games and each time the Duke watched her lesbian games with the maids (who were not very happy about these games because they were tied and flogged by the naked Duke) he was lucky to get a real good erection… and so Madam dan Eider sucked his dick or was riding his dick. However, in this way she was always welcome at the court and enjoyed many parties in order to meet potential husbands. These parties indeed were always the key to nice fucks with rich dicks and so on and so on.

Sally wondered what Madam dan Eider was doing here…. She remembered the day when one of her maids came to her, just in the middle of a party which was held at dan Eiders premises. The Maid was hyperventilating: “My Queen…. Madam dan Eider…. I asked her if I can of help at this party. She looked so tired! And….  she said to me ‘yes, girl. You can suck a few cocks for me. More than three long blowjobs are really hard work!'”

However, the maid was very young…. and the Queen smiled as she recalled how she ‘comforted’ the girl… indeed the maid was so shocked that Sally brought her to one of Madame dan Eider’s guest room. It was known that many women, especially those who were inexperienced, soon became putty in the hands of redhead Sally… and so the maid forgot about the horrifying idea of sucking cocks to support Madame dan Eider future when the redhead seduced the maid and made her scream in pure, endless lust.
Well, at lest this was a nice aspect to remember Charlotte dan Eider. A few minutes later she stood in front of Pen and Sally.
“Oh, how wonderful to see you my dearest Sally! The heart behind my boobs is jumping of joy!”

“She has a heart?” Penelope whispered into Sally’s ear. “I was sure all she needs is her pussy….”
“Charlotte! Did you receive another title or why are you honoring us with your visit?”

“Oh, no… er… Lady d’Écossais. Is this correct? Still Lady? You own the jewels of Tyria but you do not know the guardian of the jewels? Oh, I wish I could help you, dear to find that guardian and become the real Queen! Do you… er… have any ides who the guardian could be?” the blond woman asked with an innocent smile in her face.
“Don’t worry”, Penelope hissed. “You will be invited when the enthronement takes place!”

“Oh, Madame de la Diamant Noir, the half-Queen’s wife! Forgive me if I overlooked you. However, such melon-tits cannot be overlooked, this was my fault. I hope you had a nice cum with your wife, the ‘Eventually Queen’.”

The Order of Sweetwhores

“Me, dear Madame, I always enjoy sex. I never had a frazzled mouth nor a sore cunt because I fucked for riches night and day. I just enjoy it!”
“You should be aware, Madame de la Diamant Noir – if I find the guardian then half of the throne is mine. And soon the rest. And your place then will be amongst my court-whores whom I send to compromise my political enemies….. awwwwww…..”
The point of Sally’s sword stopped dan Eider’s words.

“You already said what needs to be said, Charlotte. Good bye to you and your cunt!”

“Er… good bye…. for now!” Madame dan Eider hissed as she left the room. She did not forgot to wiggle her wonderful bum…. and Sally tried to ignore that bum.

“Mmmh… how did she know….”

“Because you left your panties on the table, sweetheart scatterbrained wife”, Sally sarcastically smiled while she looked out the window and watched Charlotte dan Eider bitching at their servants.

“Ohhh… don’t be so grumpy”, Penelope purred and as she clasped Sally’s bum she pushed her boobs against Sally’s breast. “Our bed is still warm… and I am still wet…”

Sally d’Écossais drew the curtains close…

Meanwhile Charlotte dan Eider was pretty much upset as she was on her way home. They jewels of Tyria! Protected by the Order of Sweetwhores! Damn, even the fact that these ‘Order’ had a lot of fun with each other made dan Eider furious. She, herself was giving her body in order to become a successful Lady. But she still was a Baroness, which was the lowest level. She was sure to become a Duchess after she became the whore of Duke Rogont. Oh, she did everything this sick bastard wanted! She was a perfect whore and lover! Charlotte dan Eider shivered when she remembered all these ‘games’ at Rogont’s parties when naked men fought like gladiators and the winner was rewarded… and always she was the price! It was embarrassing for Madame dan Eider to get fucked in public, or to suck dicks in public. The worst case always was when there were two winners because the fight ended undecided. And that happened very often because a public MMF was more interesting than naked men wrestling. It was clear to Charlotte that many decisions were manipulated. But she always smiled and gave her best even those bastards fucked her rough… and afterwards she had to serve Duke Rogont who was always very horny after these ‘games’. And often she had to serve his drunken companions, too.
So how about her title? How about becoming a Duchess? Gone with the wind… that fat bastard told her this morning that he was going to marry his second cousin and of course she, Baroness dan Eider was nothing more than the lover of a weird Duke. And worst of all he asked her to ‘train’ the 16 year old second cousin! Embarrassing!
Charlotte dan Eider opened the window of the carriage: “Coachman! Leave the next junction. I want to visit Castle Woodland!”

“Princess de Contrée Boisée?” Genevieve asked. Like her sister Charlotte she wore a long, frilly dress with a a low cut neckline which show a lot of her pretty cleavage. Be prepared for any occasion, Charlotte always said. However, she did not really mean that her three years younger sister should be prepared the same way like her. Indeed she and her sister had a real catfight a few times after Genevieve spent the night with some horny aristocratic who was on Charlotte’s to-do list! This tricky little bitch was really good in sexually attracting someone. A few months ago dan Eider invested a lot of time and once-night-stands to become the concubine of Earl Deveaux, which was very difficult, because of his good-looking wife. So dan Eider visited the known poisoner de Morveer, who after a few disgusting blow-jobs and a few unpleasant anal intercourses was willing to help her. De Morveer prepared a special poison which made the Earl’s wife lethargic and no longer interested in sex. But…. just when Charlotte dan Eider almost reached her goal something unexpected happened!

It happened after she had to offer her holes a few times more in an unpleasant way in order to make the slimy poisoner de Morveer prepare the final poison for the Earl’s wife. So the day had come and Charlotte visited the Earl… the poison for his wife in her handbag. Her plan was simple and effective: after the Earl fell asleep – which he always did after a fuck – it was no problem to ‘visit’ his lethargic wife and to give her the deadly poison. The bedroom of the betrayed wife was next door.


So far so good – but when dan Eider entered the bedroom of Earl Deveaux, she was about to scream. Her own sister was already in ‘her’ bed! It was one of the most embarrassing moments in Charlotte’s life when the Earl announced her own sister Genevieve as the new Countess Deveaux, after divorce from his permanently sick wife of course. It was so embarrassing when he offered Charlotte dan Eider the status of a concubine that she had the urgent desire to scratch her own sister’s face and tits. But dan Eider did what she always did. She kept cool and played her own game…. So it came she had the first time in her life sex with her own sister, after Earl Deveaux invited her to a three-some. So the Earl fucked Charlotte from behind while she had to lick Genevieve…. she had all but fun. But her new plan was clear: if she could not become the new Countess then Genevieve should not become the new Countess either!


So once more the stinky dick of de Morveer pumped slimy semen into her mouth as well into her other holes, until Charlotte dan Eider received an antidote for the Earl’s wife. After another most boring three-some she went into the bedroom next door were she dripped the antidote into the mouth of the sleeping woman. The next day Countess Deveaux received an anonymous letter. Still weak from the poison, but feeling a little better the Countess read about the sexual activities of her husband with Genevieve. Further it was said that the next meeting of Earl Deveaux and his ‘future wife’ was scheduled for next Friday evening, which indeed was the scheduled time for another three-some with his future wife and her elder sister.


However, that Friday Charlotte dan Eider unfortunately had a strong migraine and therefore her sister visited the Earl alone. This was quite in order because Genevieve was of the opinion that her sister was an awful pussy-licker. Genevieve took a few ropes because a few nice bondage-games were planned for this evening. Genevieve rolled her eyes, already annoyed by the imagination how the fat Earl was grunting lustfully as she spanked him while he was tied. Perhaps it was her who was going to be tied, but Genevieve did not care about that, it was more important to fix the date of wedding.

All in all it was a black Friday for her. She just was tied to the bedpost, legs spread and the Earl – nervously and totally excited – pushed his dick into her mouth when the door opened…. Countess Deveaux… her face, which was pale since many weeks turned into dark-red. She took a whip from the edge of the bed and whipped her perfidious husband until he was bleeding badly and he whimpered for forgiving before he could flee. Genevieve now was in a very unpleasant position…. but after an hour she was allowed to leave. Genevieve was sure that the striae from the whip would disappear some day….


“Yes”, Charlotte dan Eider confirmed when her thoughts wandered back to present. “We must convince de Contrée Boisée to be on our side… and most probably I can offer her something she can’t resist… a change.”

The Order of Sweetwhores

When the carriage approached castle Woodland the sisters admired the renewed castle. Indeed it was a lot of work and the Princess and her folks had been very busy for many, many months. Slowly the carriage passed the entry and they they stopped next to the entry. It was a little difficult for the sisters to walk in their high heels across the cobble stones but luckily they reached the entrance and were welcomed by a young servant. He lead them into the castle and they passed splendid apartments until their reached de Contrée Boisée’s large living-room. She was busy with calculations when the sisters entered the room. After the servant left the room Charlotte closed the large door and then she went straight to her, she embraced her and shouted: “Oh, my dear Bethany! I haven’t seen you in a lifetime! Your castle looks splendid and you can be proud of the hard work!”
“Yes, indeed, a hard work”, Lady de Contrée Boisée agreed.

“You need more fun”, dan Eider smiled when later the women sat at a table and enjoyed some tea and cakes. “It is not good to work too hard.”

Bethany de Contrée Boisée wondered why Charlotte dan Eider was so interested into her health. Indeed a few hot parties including certain games would be nice… “Are you going to invite me to one of your orgies, Charlotte?” Bethany asked sarcastically. Indeed it was a while ago she enjoyed a few gang bangs and she was aware that dan Eider spent most of her time in the beds of others.

“Mais non! Au contraire mon Princess! My intends are honorable!” Dan Eider did not notice how her sister was grinning. “You need something… that fulfills you… “
Bethany recalled the night when she discussed with the workers about the price for the redecoration of the cathedral… four strong guys…. so good-looking in their thigh trousers…. their shirtless, sexy bodies. It was a week ago that Bethany has sex… when she caught the busty cook masturbating with a cucumber… and soon the women found out that a cucumber could be used as a double-dildo as well. But this was a week ago and Bethany’s body was crying for some hot sex… Bethany opened the upper buttons of her blouse because it was really hot in the small wooden cabin where the workers were living… 10 minutes away from Castle Woodland. Soon the hectic discussion slowed down…. and Bethany tried to stop an evil grin when she noticed four bulges where nothing had been a minute before. She kept on talking about how to reduce costs and opened like accidentally another button of her blouse… one of her nipples peeped out and Lady de Contrée Boisée opened her hair-band. “Oh, I am so hot! Do you…. have something to…. drink for me?”
The four workers almost run into each other when they tried to look for something drinkable. Bethany sat down at a table, very lascivious and watched their big bulges. After a while she got a glass of water and she sipped from it. “Awwwww…. yes……”, she moaned lustily. “Ohhhhh…. this is so…. good!”
The bulges became bigger and the workers no longer were able to argue against Bethany’s proposed price. Their brains seemed to be empty… all they did was starring at Bethany’s chest and and her legs. So it came that the renovation of the Cathedral was cheaper than expected. It should be mentioned that Lady de Contrée Boisée was always a generous lady and she smiled when one of the workers asked: “We have been so cooperative… will you also be a little cooperative?”


“Certainly”, Bethany purred and with each hand she squeezed one of these big bulges. “Any particular suggestions?” She made the men sit down at the table…. and she unbuttoned the work pants one after another and the workers received a blow-job they never enjoyed before… Lady Bethany tickled their balls and licked their shafts and sucked their dicks… So intensive, so much better than the workers usually got from the cheap whores in town…. It did not take long and Lady de Contrée Boisée was laying on the table and now she enjoyed a hot fuck… and these strong men, with their well-trained bodies, sun-burnt, gave her almost more that she could take. And she handled all of them at once. Many hours later Bethany walked back to the castle for a rest, duly satisfied.
Yes, this was fulfilling. Bethany de Contrée Boisée smiled and replied: “I am not sure what you mean by… fulfilling?”
“As you probably know, our beloved…” – The words did not come easy out of Charlotte dan Eider’s mouth – “…future Queen Sally d’Écossais finances many charity projects, like schools and hospitals, which are lead by the Sweetwhore-Order…”
“The Order of Sweetwhores”, Bethany corrected. “Yes, I know, she is a close friend of mine.” She did not mention that she wished to be more close to Lady Sally,  preferably pussy to pussy.

“Yes”, Charlotte continued. “I heard the teacher for Sports and Grammar married a salesman and leaves the court soon in order to follow him. You, Princess Bethany are a famous poet and writress, so you could make the… future Queen happy. Who could do this job better than you?”

Lady de Contrée Boisée did not know what to say, which was really unusual. Almost all maintenance works on the castle were carried out and the workers were about to leave, much to the regret of Lady Bethany.

The Order of Sweetwhores

“I do not think that teaching Sports and Grammar is convenient to me”, Lady de Contrée Boisée replied. “Grammar – yes. But sports?”
“Probably you are right”, Charlotte nodded. “Sport education for a whole class of pubescent boys… no, that sucks!”
“Madame Martin”, Genevieve interjected, “is teaching needleworks and sport for the girls… she is an old fashioned lesbian and therefore….”
“I understand”, Bethany replied. It was amazing how well informed these chatterboxes were… indeed  Lady de Contrée Boisée remembered when she had a young boy in her bed… this young insatiable cock, the soft skin…. so passionate and so inexperienced… and she had to teach a lot. The Lady shivered when when remembered how she showed that young guy to tit-fuck… and how putty he was in her arms! Oh, and how he hammered his young cock into her…. really hot sex. Almost as good as a woman in bed. However, the sisters hit her weak point dramatically and the idea of teaching sports for a group of horny young boys…. in front of her….. in 3/4 tights and bra-top. Oh, these young cocks who could hardly wait to get under the shower… the picture of her sexy teacher in their young heads… so many stiff cocks and she could…
“I can give you a letter of recommendation for your application as teacher, Mylady… if….”

“If what?”

“If you can do us a favor, Mylady.” Charlotte started and looked at Bethany. Bethany nodded and so dan Eider continued.

“Our mother was a honorable person who was so proud of wearing the jewels of Tyria. Then her husband died and she had to work hard to survive.” Indeed her mother was the biggest hussy the Royal court has ever seen. “But what can a single woman do?” Charlotte dan Eider had tears in her eyes. Indeed her mother had stolen the jewels and sold them after another liaison with a Duke failed.

Dan Eider took a handkerchief out of her bag and blew her nose, then she continued. “It is said that we can feel the spirit of our beloved mother if we only could touch the jewels. Bring the jewels of Tyria to me… just for one day. Of course you have my promise as a honorable Baroness that you get them back the next day. Then you put them back and nobody will notice anything… please…”
“Why don’t you ask Lady Sally?”

“Because of her jealous wife!” Genevieve answered quickly. “She does not like us!”

“Penelope de la Diamant Noir?” Bethany looked puzzled. “I always heard she is so generous…”

“She says I am a…. whore”, Charlotte sobbed and with her handkerchief she dabbed a few more tears. “Because I was fooled and abused by Duke Rogont. He said he loved me… he wanted to marry me and all he did was satisfying his lust when he abused my body! Oh, all these sick and kinky games, so horrible! He said he wanted to introduce me as his new wife and so I said yes… when I had to lay down naked at the dinner-table on a larger silver-plate covered with fruits. OMG!”

Once more dan Eider sobbed heartbreaking and dried her tears.

“But then all this greedy friends touched me, I wanted to cry, I wanted to flee but they were holding me…. the laughed and one of them pushed a big apple into my mouth and another one fucked my ass! I tried to scream for help but the apple in my mouth stopped my screams and cries. And then… that bastard pumped his sperm into my anus…. And the others abuse me, too! Duke Rogont forced me to suck the dicks of his drunken friends and to fuck with them after he took me… it was so…. embarrassing!”
“That is horrible, dear Charlotte”, Bethany gasped. Indeed she did not hear lots of gossip recently, because she was too busy. “So I will bring you the jewels if you promise to return them the next day to me…”
A new minutes later the sisters left Castle Woodland.


Sally’s body arched, Penelope squeezed her breast and her tongue twirled faster at her clit…. she pushed her clit with the tip of her tongue and her fingers rubbed Sally’s stiff nipples… The busty girl sucked her clit before she pushed her tongue deep into her wife’s pussy. Penelope de la Diamant Noir enjoyed the loud moans and screams of her redhead and before Sally reached the high, Pen stopped and with her boobs she started to fuck Sally… she rubbed her stiff nipples against Sally’s hard clit… “Fuck me! YESSSSSS!” the redhead screamed and Penelope pushed her long, hard nipples into Sally’s quivering pussy…. “More…. MORE….. FUCK ME with your fingers!”
The redhead pulled the long black hairs of her wife, she pulled her higher…. until their tongues mingles and when Penelope pushed her fingers deep into Sally, the redhead’s body shivered…. “NGNGNGNNNNNNN…… YESSSSS!” Pen pushed and pulled her fingers faster and faster, twirling, twisting while Sally’s eyes were wide open….. her mouth was wide open, too, a silent cry…. her body was like frozen for a few seconds…. then, with a long, deep sound that came out from deep of her throat she gave a long moaning…. Sally shut her eyelids and Penelope could not refuse to cup her breast and suck her stiff buds…. enlarging her wonderful orgasm.
Both women we still embracing each other, enjoying the peaceful moment when someone knocked at the door. Sally d’Écossais felt still a little dizzy. “Pen, someone knocks at the door.”
“After three orgasms I still need a rest, wifey”, the busty woman purred and kissed Sally’s breast. “Moreover you are the Queen and your folks wants you…”

Sally pinched Penelope’s bum and dressed. “One moment, please’, she shouted. Then she got up and opened the door.

“Good day, my Queen”, Lady Vi la Vamp greeted and she smiled when she noticed that Lady de la Diamant Noir was still in bed. Indeed the Queen’s hairs were anything but ordered and Lady Vi felt a little, sweet spasm in her belly when she remembered how hot her Queen was…. and how spontaneous that touch redhead could be. It happened a few weeks ago when Lady Vi – who, as a long-time member of the Order, was responsible for everything that concerned the staff – was showed her Queen the renewed premises for the new disciples of the Order. When they walked up the small stairs the redhead remembered how Vi was at her site when they fought against the 40 Mistresses… and thankfully she watched Vi’s bum as she followed her though a small hall into a dark room. Vi opened the curtains and the beams of sunlight flooded the room… everything was nice – a few beds, a table. Then Vi closed the curtains and lit a candle…. “This is how they will spend the night, my Queen!”

“Oh, so very romantic”, Sally whispered and watched Vi’s breast shaking when she pushed the table forward into the middle of the room. Obviously Lady la Vamp did not wear a bra which was quite unusual…. Sally felt so aroused when she watched her back, her bum….
“Mmmmhh…” Vi replied, wiggling her ass because she still adjusted the table…. slowly Sally d’Écossais moved forward until she was directly behind her. Slowly Sally pulled her arms around Vi and gently she cupped her breast. “Oh, you are not a good example for our young, sexy disciples…” When the dark-haired girl moaned, Sally soon pushed her hands under Vi’s shirt and softly she squeezed her boobs…. with her fingertips slowly circling at Vi’s peaks…  and soon with her fore-fingers and her thumbs she rubbed her nipples as they started to grow. Simultaneously she rubbed her crotch against Vi’s back…, pushing her against the table…. and Sally started to nibble Vi’s neck, whispering: “The girls will feel so well here… exploring her sexual desires, licking each other for the first time….”
Lady la Vamp was moaning louder now, her hand reached backward… searching Sally’s crotch… and her fingers did slide into her panties, finding her pussy. The redhead bucked her pelvis against Vi’s fingers and squeezed her breast as she started to bite her neck….” Oh…. yes…. Vi….. oh, good…. ” Sally pushed and pulled her pussy faster and faster against Vi’s fingers and her breathe was going louder…. and faster…. “Yesss…. oh, make me cum…. I will lick your wet pussy and bite your nipples… yesssss!” The horny redhead pinched and rubbed Lady Vi’s nipples and the dark-haired Latin girl gasped… She was so aroused by her Queen, she pushed her own pussy against the table and she was wishing to get fucked by her Queen. She intensified to fuck Sally and thrusted her fingers faster, she twirled and when she found the Queen’s spot she hold it… she noticed how Sally gasped louder, how her hands squeezed her breast stronger, how she bucked desperately against Vi’s fingers…. “AWWWWWWWWWWW…….. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”
Vi la Vamp still felt her Queen’s hard nipples digging into her back…. and the Queen lowered her grip and softly fondled Vi’s wonderful breast… and she made her wanting so much…. the Queen’s orgasm almost made Vi cum, too…. she squeezed her thigh, still rubbing her crotch against the edge of the table when Sally pulled her around… Then the redhead made the Latin girl sit down at at the table… and Vi was breathing faster in anticipation…. Sally ripped her shirt and pulled down her panties… she pushed Vi and her back and when the Queen buried her face into Lady Vi’s crotch the Latin girl started to scream and moan for many minutes. Sally made her cum twice with her tongue and with her fingers, then she seized Vi’s leg and pushed the leg up, so her toes were pointing to the ceiling of the room, which soon would be the sleeping-room for a few young girl. Then Sally tribbed Vi and made her scream once more. Both women were moaning and gasping to the smacking sound of their rubbing pussys, they squeezed and fondled each other breast, kissed and sucked nipples and French-kissed passionately. Sally hardly could remember how wonderful the tribbing ended, she must have had a loss of memory. All she recalled was that Vi and her cuddle in one of the bed which was intended for the young disciples….

“Good day, Mylady Vi”, Sally replied with a sweet smile. “what can I…. do for you?”

The Order of Sweetwhores

It was clear that Lady Vi also remembered the time they spend in the disciples’ premises. She smiled a little bashful and said: “I bring you the new maid. You might remember, my Queen, that our beloved teacher Madame de Bevere left us in order to marry. You were so nice as to leave her the maid which was always at her side…..”
“Oh, yes, of course I remember. Of course we need a new teacher soon… any news yet?”

“Sorry, no news, my Queen.”

“Thank you my dear Lady Vi, you may send the new maid in…I think her name is Monika Murcatto.”
A blonde girl, dressed in red, entered the bedroom and Lady Vi left the room.

“My full name of course is Monika Monzcarro Murcatto…” the new maid said and she grinned when she saw Penelope still laying in a messed-up bed. It was obvious what just happened here.

“What a long name! And so many ‘c’s!” the Queen joked.

“Just two ‘c’s only, dear Queen. My name is Monika with a ‘k’. But triple ‘m’ is ok!”

“A triple always is ok”, Penelope laughed and slowly got up. She pulled away the blanket which covered her bare breast.

For a moment the new maid was quiet when she noticed Penelope’s big boobs. With big eyes she starred at the biggest breast she had ever seen… and so thigh…. the nipples were still stiff from…. Murcatto felt a little dizzy. The Queen must have had sex with her wife before she was brought to her! “Awwww… a triple… yes….”, she gasped and forgot to close her mouth. Her mind was far away for a few seconds… wild, crazy fantasies! Big boobs were pressed against her mouth, making her unable to scream… she was pushed at the bed, her arms fixed while stiff hard nipples gagged her…. she could not scream when her legs were spread, she struggled, she wanted to beg for mercy but the big boobs were almost suffocating her. “Give up whore and surrender!” a voice hissed and she saw the small splits of the Queen’s eyes, so horny and angry… Then the Queen spread Monika’s legs and ravished her pussy with her mouth…. her tongue grew long and longer when she tongue-fucked …. Then again she was grabbed and pulled around. The Queen and her wife were spanking her… merciless…. fingers were fucking her and finally the busty woman hold her, her arms fixed at her back. Moni could feel the hard, stiff nipples at her naked back… were where her clothes? Oh, this horny Queen’s couple ripped her clothes and now… the Queen stood in front of her, a giant strap-on around her hips…. The woman named Penelope pushed the poor maid at her knees and she had to suck the toy-cock, then she was pushed again at the bed and after she served the big boobs and after she licked the channel between them again and again – her face got slapped by theses enormous boobs and when she tried to scream for help and mercy, Penelope pushed her face against her cunny…. and she had to satisfy her many times… her pussy-lips got spread…. and the Queen with the monster-strap-on was behind her, in order to fuck her…. “Moni… this will be your job… this will be your job…”
“MOOONIKA! I did asked you if you know what will be your job? Are you feeling OK?”
The maid realized Sally’s face in front of her, waving her hand. “Oh, yes… yes…. I do anything you want me!”
“Ok, Monika with a ‘k’ and threesome ‘m’ – go to your room and tomorrow Lady Vi will tell you your working schedule!”
 Murcatto disappeared and the redhead turned around. Lady de la Diamant Noir was looking her her own boobs, then she fondled her still stiff nipples. “Did you notice how she stared at my tits, wifey? You really should spank her!” she grinned. Then she sat down at the bed again… she spread her legs and caressed her crotch. “Mmmhh… come to me, Sally… I love you so much!”
“Well, I have to run a meeting in about half an hour… we have to discuss a few matters with the school and the new disciples which will come next week.”
“Oh, don’t worry about the sweet new girls… I will be happy train them if necessary. Now come to me…. half an hour…. we still have time for two quickies…. come to me…. nookie, nookie, nookie!”

The Queen smiled, then she undressed lasciviously and walked to the bed, waving her hips…..



When the carriage left Castle Woodland, the sisters were discussing what the next step would be. Their visit at castle Woodland seemed to be successful so far, even Charlotte dan Eider was of the opinion that they should have had sex with Bethany de Contrée Boisée.
“Most alliances are established in bed!” she said. “Of course it is always good if you can give some… pressure, too.”
“You really should have licked her pussy – which most probably she had appreciated – but pressure does not help. She is not that kind of woman”, Genevieve replied even she knew that her sister did not like sex with women. Of course Charlotte had many experiences with women but more or less that was just to please one of her kinky possible-future-husbands in order to stiffen their dicks. But yes, there was the romance with Lady de Beauvoir. However, this was more or less not planned after dan Eider became a close ‘friend’ of Duke de Beauvoir and his wife. Much too soon this dirty lecher died and now the Lady was of the opinion, that instead of threesomes Charlotte and her should continue their weekend-meetings as a couple. After many awful pussy-licking weekends Charlotte realized that this was no good way to become a Duchess. She was glad when Lady de Beauvoir discovered that sex with her young servants on a daily basis was much better than meeting a bored pussy-licker once a week.
“However”, Charlotte replied, “I do not see the point why I always have to do the work. You will have the next pussy and I will take the next dick!”
Both sisters laughed and in a low, warning voice dan Eider said: “It is time to visit our old friend Lucia….”
Meanwhile in the Castle of the ‘Order of Sweetwhores’ the meeting was held and the most interesting aspect was a letter of recommendation. This was most interesting because this anonymous letter arrived just in the moment when solutions were needed and indeed, this was an interesting solution to solve the problem that was caused when Madame Martin was about to leave the Order. Lady Vi raised her voice when she read the most important part of the anonymous letter:
“My Queen! As a secret admirer of your beauty and wisdom I want to help you and your Order of Sweetwhores. It is amazing how you care for everything, especially for the young members. Deep from my heart I recommend Lady Bethany de Contrée Boisée as a great poet and teacher for grammar and also for sports…”
“Ok, ok”, Queen Sally Sally d’Écossais laughed. “This is enough. I feel like being dipped into honey! Someone bring me a damp cloth please!”

The Order of Sweetwhores

“My tongue will do that much better and….”

“Thank you, Lady Penelope. Perhaps later. However, this recommendation is curious….”

“A trap?” Lady Su de Suède  supposed.
“Lady Bethany is beyond doubt and we really are in urgent need to staff this teaching position… so, Lady Vi, please visit Castle Woodland today and bring the news to Lady Bethany. And…. Lady Vi: I expect you back today!” the redhead added with a knowing smile.
“Finally”, the Queen continued, “the new disciples will arrive soon. Who will show them around before they are send to training?”
“Madam Kathy will introduce them, Mylady”, Lady Vi replied and she lowered her voice. “But there is something else we must talk about soon… I feel dark magic… we are in great danger, my Queen!”
In the same moment the carriage with the two sisters reached the district of the Black Moor Castle. The sisters did not talk much because of the sinister surrounding wood which was so dark and frightening. Even the birds did not sing. After another half hour they reached the castle, owned by Lucia la Scélérate. Many people were of the opinion Lucia la Scélérate was a black witch. Of course Lucia was a very strange person, and the reason she was living in a remote castle had a reason. Her former husband was a generous Duke, his folks loved him and he also was very generous as to welcome many women in his bed. Lucia did the same and she never cared if she had a woman or a man as object of her lust. But she wanted more… she wanted all and when the Duke fell in love with a very young woman, it was the last thing he ever did. But instead of becoming the sole ruler of the country and her folks, Lucia was brought to court and she was sentenced to death by burning. Fortunately the poisoner de Morveer, who was addicted to her, prepared a lotion which protected her against the fire – at least for a few minutes. De Morveer corrupted a few people and when the burning started the protecting lotion also caused thick smoke and nobody could see her ropes were cut… and Lucia la Scélérate did flee. Of course she did not forget to grab a few riches and jeweleries before she left.
“Oh Charlotte, my dear, I am so happy to see you. Are your plans forthcoming to become the Queen?”

This indeed was the reason dan Eider was here. And of course this was the most important question for Lucia, because the so called ‘Order of Sweetwhores’ was obstructing her business. Her so called business simply was to suppress the surrounding countries and gathers riches as well as slaves. Her husband never agreed that his folks needed a strong and merciless leader. Freedom leads to anarchism, Lucia always said.
“I am working on that”,  dan Eider replied in a low voice. “But of course I would be happy if I can count on you…”
La Scélérate’s eyes were small slits when she replied: “Well, everything in this world has it’s price…..” She walked to her sister and looked deep into her eyes: “Ah, Genevieve! I have not seen you since you were a little girl. And now you are such a pretty hussy.” Lucia peeled Genevieve’s breast out of her bra and fondled them. “Mmmhh…. so thigh, so sweet. Is your pussy shaved, pretty darling?”
Dan Eider noticed that her sister was not pleased, indeed Genevieve was scared. Everyone knew about the kinky games Lucia la Scélérate was playing or at least had heard about…. cruel games, slave games, bondage, hog-tie, whips, spreader-bars etc. Genevieve was neither interested into sex with this kind of women nor was she interested in cruel bondage. And she started to shiver in anger and fear when she heard Charlotte say: “Oh, yes, her pussy is well-shaved, so smooth… you will like it!”
“I… I am not into women, but my sister is!” Genevieve protested when Lucia gently touched her little rosy buds.
“I want a young toy, darling and I am the one who fixes the price….”, Lucia smiled. “So a night with you is a pre-condition only and of course there are a few more things which you, dan Eider will have to give me.”
“My sister is yours for a night”,  Charlotte dan Eider answered with a little relief in her voice. Indeed she also was not keen to enjoy a bondage night with a witch. It was said that many people disappeared after they visited Black Moor Castle, men and women…. and piercing screams were heard at night. “What else do you demand, Lucia?”
“I want the Castle Woodland, half of your riches and the position as chief judge of your empire. Further… and this is most important you hand me over all the disciples of the fucking Sweetwhore’s Order, boys and girls. Young, innocent cum and blood will give me back youth. Finally, if you don’t mind, my future Queen, I want the spouse of Sally d’Écossais!”
“So”, dan Eider sadistically smiled, “when you have your…er… way with busty Penelope I will bring her wife in chains and she has to watch! Well, Lucia, what can I expect from you? What is my way to my throne?”
Lucia stopped to play with Genevieve’s naked breast and she starred into Charlotte dan Eider’s eyes: “I will call the creatures of the night, I shall call the desperate souls of the death and we will attack the Order of the Sweetwhores. We will eliminate them. A few of them shall live further but soon they gonna wish to be dead as well….”
A few minutes later the carriage left Black Moor Castle and another half hour later Charlotte breathed deeply. She was not really concerned about her younger sister Genevieve, Lucia would not kill her. ‘All of us have to make sacrifices’, dan Eider smiled as she watched the setting sun.
Many miles away from dan Eider’s carriage two women on their horses slowly approached Queen Sally’s castle. Both women were smiling at each other from time to time and especially Bethany de Contrée Boisée felt really good. After she chased around her folks in a very bossy manner to make them clear what to do during her absence, she lured Lady Vi into her bedroom. Indeed Vi la Vamp expected that Lady Bethany was showing her more than a few fancy clothes…. and indeed: after she showed her a few dresses and after they tried a few clothes they soon ripped each other’s clothes and while their tongues mingled and twirled in ecstasy they squeezed each others breast and rubbed their pussys like crazy. When Lady Vi after another a long, fulfilling soixante-neuf opened her eyes – which were soaked from Lady Bethany’s juices – she realized the sun was about to set… ‘Time to ride back home on  horses instead of riding pussy’, she innerly grinned.
“It must have been a very hard ride all the way from Woodland Castle”, Sally sarcastically smiled when she welcomed the tired women. Indeed the castle was 1 1/2 hours away only. The Queen tousled Vi’s hairs and welcomed Bethany with a long kiss and in the same moment Sally knew that this woman must have had good sex today…. this passionate kiss…. the body-language… signs… After Lady Vi showed the new teacher her living-room she returned to Sally, who was still sitting at a desk.
“I can read the sorrows in your face, my Queen”, lady Vi started. “And I feel the same, something dark and mystery and we are helpless.”
“Not really”, Sally calmly replied. “I sent a letter to good friends asking for help against dark magic. I hope they will reply soon….”
“If they are really good friends they will do, my Queen. I shall go to bed now… it was a long… ride..”
“Yes”, Sally grinned. “Indeed, I saw your… new horse.” Then she got up and left the room, perhaps it was a good idea to have a long, hot shower. It was late already and she walked through the hallway upstairs to her room. She wondered the door was open… and she saw the new maid, who was busy to put on fresh linen. The Queen was not really in the mood for some company but after all, the maid had to do her job. Sally took a towel and went to the bathroom-door when she heard a the maid giggle “Ooops! Not bad…”
“Somethings wrong, Moni with a ‘k’?”

“Oh… yes… I mean no, I…, er, nothing.”

“What do you hide behind your back, my girl?” From the small slits of her eyes the redhead looked at the maid.
“Oh, nothing, my Queen… I mean, I found this under the bed: a strap-on! Wow, this looks really nice… a black one! I think you look wonderful with this around your hips. It makes you feel superior, doesn’t it, he, he? I mean to have your wife at her knees and suck that….. OUCH! Have mercy, my Queen!”
Angrily Sally d’Écossais pulled the maid’s hairs and pushed her on the bed.

“Oh, I just did the bed, my Queen!” The maid protested but immediately Sally was after her and pulled the strap-on out of her hand..

“You little nosy, cheeky thing! I will mess up the bed and I will mess up your ass, come here!”

Monika Monzcarro Murcatto wiggled her bum as Sally grabbed her body and pulled her over her knees. The maid struggled and tried to escape but all this made the Queen even more angry… and horny as she pulled down Monika’s panties. Sally squeezed that delicious bum…. then she slapped her bum while Monika whimpered and begged. When the maid tried to push Sally’s hands away her hand got fixed behind her back and a long spanking started.
“You-little-cheeky-thing- I-will-show-you-how-to-play-around-with-other-people’s-toys!” Each of the Queen’s words were followed by her Royal hand-slapping against Monika’s exposed, naked ass…
“Have Mercy….OUTCH! Please my Queen, have mercy…”, the maid whimpered, but Sally hold her hands fixed at her back and hissed: “So it makes me feel superior, little hussy?” Then a few more splashing sounds, whimpering, begging and Monika’s bum was turning into dark-red.

“How can you naughty little whore say than the Queen’s wife is at her knees-and-sucks-a-stupid-rubber-cock-hussy!” This time the Queen used the strap-on for spanking the maid’s ass… and the poor girl screamed and begged and whimpered when the door opened…

The Order of Sweetwhores

“Oh, wifey, are you training the new maid? Interesting! May I watch?”

Pen sat down at the edge of the bed and greedily she tousled Murcatto’s head. “You must have been a bad, bad girl to upset our lovely Queen, tsssss….”

The lovely Queen meanwhile stopped spanking the maid’s ass and she fixed the strap-on around her hips. “Give way, wifey, I want to stuff her cheeky mouth! On your forth, Monika!”
Lady de la Diamant Noir got up, she caressed her big boobs and with a naughty smile on her face she walked around the bed, to the back of the maid… the maid opened her mouth wide and the Queen pushed and pulled the fuck-toy in and out her cheeky mouth… she grabbed Moni’s head and hissed: “So you think I look wonderful with such fuck-toy around my hips, little hussy? Am I superior now?”

Of course the maid could not answer but she moaned deeply when Pen’s tongue was at her behind… licking and fingering her vagina and her ass-hole…. and the maid sucked and licked the rubber-toy until her face was red. Sally stopped pushing and pulling the strap-on after a few minutes: “Let’s change position, wifey!” Now Penelope’s bushy pussy was in front of Monika Murcatto’s face and she knew what she had to do…. just when she stretched her tongue in order to lick she opened her mouth wide and moaned loud… when the Queen spread her pussy-lips and pushed the strappy slowly but deep into her pussy….. Pen pushed her wet slit against Moni’s lips… she pulled her hairs to bring her into the right position and then she rubbed her vagina against Moni’s mouth and she pushed and pulled her head to the rhythm…

Monika Monzcarro Murcatto’s breast were shaking hard when Sally fucked her faster, the redhead hold Moni’s hips, drilling her fingernails into the maid’s flesh… and the maid thrusted her pelvis against the fuck-toy and she screamed into Penelope’s pussy when she did cum the first time… but the Queen did not allow her a rest, she slowed down to thrust while the maid’s body shivered strong and then again she increased her speed and fucked the girl faster then before…. and from the glimpse of her eyes Sally noticed that her wife pulled Moni’s face strong against her pussy… intermittently, moaning…. her face like a grimace… she opened her mouth wide…. “YESSSSSSSSSS! YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! AWWWWWW!”

The maid’s face was wet and she licked Pen’s quivering pussy, enlarging her orgasm…. and Sally was extremely aroused, she seized Monika’s boobs and squeezed them…. “Oh, you naughty girl…. I will fuck you now!” She pulled the girl around and unfixed the strap-on from her hips, then she spread Moni’s legs wide and laid down between them. Sally grabbed one of her legs and raised it, making the toes point at the ceiling of the bedroom. Then she tribbed her maid and Penelope masturbated while she listened to the smacking sound of pussys and she watched how Sally tribbed the girl faster and faster, she was gasping, the maid was moaning and the Queen was insatiable rubbing her pussy against Moni’s…. and just when Penelope was about make herself cum – a long moaning announced Sally’s orgasm… and then Pen’s and Sally’s screams intermixed. Sally’s tongue was deep in Moni’s mouth while she squeezed her breast when she did cum…. gasping, moaning, screaming…. slowly rubbing her climaxing pussy against Moni’s.
“It’s a maid’s duty to clean her Mistress”, Lady Penelope heard her wife moan and she watched how the Queen now was slowly riding maid Murcatto’s face. Penelope seized Sally’s breast from behind and soon their tongues mingled…. while maid Moni licked her Queens juices…

Nobody in the bedroom knew that a dangerous army was preparing to attack the Queen’s castle from the south and another army was approaching from the north.



The next morning Charlotte dan Eider reached Black Moor Castle. It was quite early but dan Eider was a little worried about her sister. She found Genevieve and Lucia la Scélérate in the dining-hall, having breakfast. Indeed her sister looked like a squirrel that was ravished by a cat. She looked overtired, dark rings around her eyes.
“Ah, good morning, dear Charlotte. I hope you had a nice trip on this wonderful morning. Do you like some breakfast?”
“A glass of water only. Lucia.”

The women sat and talked, whereas Genevieve did not say a word.  The attack against the ‘Order of the Sweetwhores’ would happen in three days, Lucia announced. “It will be a good night, full moon – the creatures of the night will be in uncontrollable lust for blood….”
One hour later the sisters left Black Moor Castle. Dan Eider was in a good mood. Her time as Queen had come! She stopped smiling when she noticed her sister walked with a limp. She did not say anything until the castle was out of sight and the carriage was on their way home.
“She might become dangerous. Once I am the Queen she will be executed because of witchery.” Charlotte whispered, not knowing is something or someone in the dark forest could listen.
“I want to spit into her face when she ends.” These were Genevieve’s first words since they left the dinner-hall.
“Oh, my darling”, Charlotte said. “I feel so sorry and guilty. I could not sleep because I left you in her castle. How did it go?”
Genevieve’s eyes were small slits when she looked at her sister. “My tits are bruised and my ass is dark-red, I can hardly sit… my vagina is sore, my ass-hole feels frazzled and my wrists and ankles like the rest of my body are still paining from being tied. She hog-tied me! She slapped my tits and whipped them even I was screaming and begging to stop her. She is a maniac, she loves to torture people. The more I begged and whimpered and screamed the more she enjoyed it! She dominated me with a big strap-on and when I refused she fixed a spreader-bar to my legs… I had to wear a locking ring gag, it was embarrassing! If I were not your sister…. I am not sure if I was still alive. We must get rid of that bastard after the battle is over!”

“I really did not mean it this way when I said you will have the next pussy”, Charlotte replied in a low voice. The carriage now passed a rocky road and Genevieve whimpered with each stroke of the wheels…. It was time to drive home and rest. And time to prepare the attack and to destroy the Order of the Sweetwhores. Early afternoon they were back home.

At the same time Bethany de Contrée Boisée was laying on her bed and she really did enjoy her new day as teacher. The first Grammar classes were excellent and the young girls had good knowledge. Of course Bethany did chose something sexy for her first day: a long red dress with a risqué plunging necklace which was a real eye-catcher. She enjoyed how the disciples watched her… and Bethany walked to each of them, bending forward, talking, asking and praising if girls answers to her grammar questions were correct. The list in Lady de Contrée Boisée’s head was getting longer… many of these sweet girls

The Order of Sweetwhores

would be in her bed soon and from what she noticed, the girls were more than willing.

After class Bethany had some tea and talked to Lady la Vamp about this and that before it was time for sports. She changed clothes and chose a tight jogging dress with a v-shaped neckline. Indeed the pubescent boys did not really listen to what her new teacher said because their brain suddenly was completely empty as their eyes were starring at Beth’s tits and her ass. So the young disciples were very clumsy and inattentive and Bethany often had to render assistance… pushing her body close against theirs and she noticed so many telltale signs… swelling bulges…. perhaps Madame Martin was too prudish for such a job, Bethany innerly grinned. Much too soon the sports lesson was over and the list of ‘what-to-fuck’ in Beth’s head was growing while she went to her shower cabin…. touching herself, enjoying the hot jets of water tickling her breast…. she fingered deep inside herself… recalling the list in her head…. the sweet disciples…. a redhead named Sally d’Écossais, her tits… oh yes….. her fingers twirled and twisted….. she moaned… as she leaned back against the wall of the shower cabin… she squeezed her breast, then she supported her twirling fingers and a finger of her other hand started to rotate at her clit…. faster and faster. She  tried to hold back her screams when she hit her spot…. her mouth was wide open…. a long silent scream as she did cum…. It took a while to realize she still was in a shower cabin in the Queen’s castle, it was like waking out of a dream. Was there someone at the door… a shadow? Lady de Contrée Boisée turned around but there was nothing…. the disciples should already have left the gymn. Beth washed her hairs and when she was looking for a towel she heard something… a very quiet sound but she had very sharp ears. So she pulled the towel around her body and soon she reached the boy’s shower-room which should be empty…. and what she saw made her clear that there was a ‘shadow’ at the door when she had fun under the shower. Five boys were still standing in the shower-room and they were ‘busy’… “Hi boys!” Bethany smiled as she entered the shower-room, lifting her towel. “There is no soap in my shower-cabin, I am sure you can help me…”
A few hours later Bethany slowly got up from the bed. Her hips and her knees were a little hurting from what happened in the shower-room. Suddenly she stopped smiling… the jewels of Tyria! It was better to get rid of this task as soon as possible. She looked out the window and much to her delight she saw Sally and Penelope outside in the court. Lady de Contrée Boisée was still naked so she took her transparent nightie and after she dressed she left her room. She was sure to be back within a few minutes… nobody was to be seen, this part of the castle presently was quiet and empty…. after a short time she found Sally’s room. Much to her delight the door was open and she smiled when she saw the rumpled bed… then she silently opened drawers, clothes closet doors, cabinets, she looked behind curtains, under the mattress of the bed. Nothing! Bethany started to doubt that she was doing the right thing… perhaps it was better…..
“Oh, wow! Bethany… Princess de Contrée Boisée! Mmmhh… what a nice outfit..”

She turned around. The red-haired Queen just entered the room, Lady Vi was behind her. Sally walked to Bethany and stopped in front of her… she took a long view at her, admiring her body, her nipples shining through the transparent nightie… so alluring. Sally had the strong desire to push her at the bed and…. but she touched Bethany’s shoulders and smiled: “What is your desire, Princess… all alone in the Queen’s bedroom?”
Bethany noticed the warning in her voice and she looked into Sally’s eyes when she replied: “Charlotte dan Eider and her sister Genevieve, well, they seemed to be afraid of your wife as far as they told me… because of jealousy. Well, the jewels of Tyria once belonged their mother and the like to feel the spirit of their beloved mother if they only can touch the jewels. ‘Bring the jewels of Tyria to me… just for one day. Of course you have my promise as a honorable Baroness that you get them back the next day.’ These were the words of Lady dan Eider, my Queen.

You have a good heart, Lady de Contrée Boisée but these sisters want the jewels for their own, selfish reason. Only the owner of the jewels can rules this country…”
“So this explains the anonymous letter we received”, Lady Vi mentioned. “So it was dan Eider who recommended Lady Bethany…”

“Indeed! They visited me… these bastards. My Queen, I must excuse myself…” Beth replied and opened the silk spaghetti strap of her transparent nightie… exposing her breast. Slowly Sally cupped her breast, she fondled them and with the palm of her hands she rubbed her buds… “Excuse accepted,” she purred. Then she undressed herself and sat down at the bed, opening her legs. While Lady de Contrée Boisée knelt down, Lady Vi sat down aside the Queen, she cupped Sally’s breast….. and while Sally’s nipples where growing in Lady la Vamp’s mouth, the redhead moaned when Lady de Contrée Boisée’s tongue pushed her clit…. circled around her clit… dived into Sally’s wet slit…. and then again licked and sucked her passionately, now supported by her fingers which slowly started to fuck the Queen…

So it became a long and juicy night and when the sun was rising in the early morning everything seemed to be so perfect. Sally and Penelope de la Diamant Noir just were walking through the surrounding forest and enjoyed the day. There were a few lovely places to sit down and enjoy but something was wrong. Again and again Sally d’Écossais looked around, she looked at the sky and when Penelope’s hands were at her crotch she slowly pushed them away: “My Celtic instincts tell me something happens, my wife. I can feel dark forces. We better go back to the castle.”

When they came back to the castle Lady Vi already was waiting for the Queen. Before she even could say a word Sally nodded and whispered: “I feel the same, Lady Vi. Tell all teacher to bring the disciples to safe places, all gates must be closed, to the arms, put saddles and bridles on the horses and hold yourselves ready.”

Soon there was a frenzy of activity in the castle while the sky turned into dark and the birds stopped singing. In a distance a huge army approached, dark clouds above them. They came from all directions, there was no chance to escape for anyone of the Order of Sweetwhores. Sally starred at the tremendous amount of troopers and infantries. This was more than the Queen expected in her wildest dreams… her hand went to her sword and her eyes became small slits. She looked around and saw her white favorite horse. The walls of the castle were high and it was not easy to come into the castle so many attackers would lose their lives. But they were so many – too many! Sooner or later the castle was lost… no matter how hard they were fighting. It was quiet in the castle, no more laughter – Sally even heard a few whores  weep and then she noticed a few riders were coming closer. One of them urged her horse on and separated herself from the group.

“Lucia”, Sally whispered as the rider came closer and the Queen went to her horse. “Open the gate, I’ll have to talk!” she ordered.

“The sick torture-witch la Scélérate”, Sally hissed and stopped her horse. “You are in nice companion, you bastard.”

“Sally d’Écossais”, Lucia laughed. “The proud Scottish Queen who can watch their whores die one by one.”

“What do you want before I kill you?” Sally replied in a warning voice.

“Loss of reality, Queen Sally? Too much sex with your busty spouse-whore? You and your folks have no chance against my army….”

“They are dead, Lucia! And I know these dead ghosts lose confidence once they taste our swords!”

“Not these, Sally, not these. I promised them life and riches…. So they won’t stop fighting. ”

“You…. you cannot promised them life! No white witch nor any black witch can bring their lives back again…”, Sally gasped.

“You know, pretty Sally, I know. But they don’t know. So they will fight and they will die once more – but before they are gone they will kill all of you. But… I can postpone the attack for a week if you hand me over your busty wife. I will postpone the attack for another week if you give me Lady Vi. And I will postpone the attack for another more week if you hand me over the new teacher and so on. Your decision, chief-whore d’Écossais!”

Sally took her sword and Lucia took hers.  Lucia let her horse slowly step back then she hissed: “I will be back tomorrow morning to hear your decision!”

“Chickenshit” Sally shouted when Lucia la Scélérate galloped back to her troops.

The Order of Sweetwhores

“One week? What does she mean one week for me?” Penelope was outraged. “Nobody ever had enough after a week with me and….”

“She is a torture-witch, a dangerous psychopath”, Lady Vi explained. “She will hogtie you and the reason she starts with you are your boobs. Tit bondage. She is cruel and merciless… so many disappeared after they were brought into her Castle. It is said that the nearby Black Moor is filled with dead bodies… ”

“Tomorrow morning, fuck!” Sally hissed. “We must do out best to use the remaining time… spells, traps… we will not give up. When time has come we will fight and there is still a chance!”

It was not easy to keep up the mood but everyone in the castle did her best. The sun was already setting and the horizon was red… red as blood as Bethany mentioned. Even the maid Monika received no spanking today and when it was time for evening meal nobody said a word. Sally just wanted to raise her voice, she just wanted to cheer up her folks with encouraging words when Lady Su almost stumbled into the dining room, gasping, almost unable to say a word….. “An army…”, she gasped. Immediately Sally and a few others left the dining room and went to the gate.

“Friends of yours?” Bethany asked and observed through a telescope how thousands of riders, all dressed in white, were approaching the castle.

“Not sure”, the redhead replied and overtook the telescope. “Either we are the new destination for day-trippers or they want something from us. Look! One of them comes closer – alone.” She left Bethany and run to her horse and a minute later she left the main-gate of the castle. The others stopped at the gate and watched her galloping towards a distant point.

“Welcome to the castle of the ‘Order of Sweetwhores'”, Sally finally greeted the woman in front of her. “My name is Sally d’Écossais.”

“My name is Jennifer of Cambridge”, the woman replied. “Your friends sent me.”

Sally shut her eyelids for a moment of relieve then she replied: “I feel you have white witches amongst your troops. They will be of important help against Black Magic.”

Lady Jennifer looked deep into Sally’s eyes: “I never heard your name before, Queen d’Écossais. Are you worth to risk the lives of my folks?”

“Find it out!” Sally smiled and pulled out her sword. The Lady of Cambridge did the same and soon a hard fight started. Jennifer was a ‘Mistress of the Sword’ but Sally fought for the lives of her folks. The swords rattled, horses wickered and the women screamed with each stroke of their swords. After an hour the fight was still not over. Both women breathed heavily, their boobs moved up and down and Lady Jennifer gasped: “Order of Sweetwhores sounds so juicy. I wonder if your pussy is as hot as your sword!” She laughed and suddenly Sally changed the direction. When Lady Jennifer tried to turn around she become entangled in the bridle… and Sally immediately knocked the sword from her hands. Then the throat of Lady Jennifer of Cambridge was at the point of Sally’s sword. The redhead straddled over the back of Lady Jennifer’s horse and after she pushed her at her back she sat down at her breast. Now she fixed the wrists of the Lady to the horse’s bridle. Lady Jennifer now was laying at her back against the back of her horse.

“Whow…. not bad, what next?” she gasped.

“Oh, nothing special, Lady Jennifer of Cambridge. You want to know if my pussy is as sharp as my sword? I will show you….”

She lifted her midi leather… with her sword she cut the crotch-panel of her panties into ‘crotch-free’…. then the Queen sat down at Lady Jennifer’s face.

“Now show me if your tongue is as sharp as your sword, Lady!” Sally purred in anticipation and with the bridle she made her horse to go at a trot. Oh, this was a hot position and Lady Jennifer of Cambridge helplessly lay on her back and the Queen’s pussy pushed intermittently against her mouth… Sally moved a little for- and backward to the rhythm of the horse’s trot…. so her pussy was grinding the Lady’s mouth. Sally made the horse go around in a large circle, far away from the white riders and far away from the castle. Oh, this was the most wonderful horse-ride the Queen enjoyed ever! Slowly she moved her pelvis up and down and made the Lady lick her… and indeed, her tongue was so playful, so skillful… and Sally screamed out her lust. Lady Jennifer’s face was soaked … but she was not the kind of warrior to give up…. not yet. Just in the moment the redhead gave another orgiastic scream, a busty rider appeared…

“This is a nice way to ride, wifey… a new technique? I came to see if you need help….”

“Perhaps you can help the Lady, Pen. You can bring her in a good mood so she helps us with her army.”

With a horny grin busty Penelope opened Jennifer’s leather-skirt… her panties and soon the Lady of Cambridge moaned into the most slippery pussy of Sally d’Écossais when Penelope de la Diamant Noir licked and fingered her slit. Indeed the busty women enjoyed to serve Jennifer, who lay at the back of her horse and was tied to her horse’s bridle. Now it was time for the Lady of Cambridge to enjoy and cum and indeed Penelope’s tongue and her skillful fingers were so enduring…. The Queen moaned and Lady Jennifer of Cambridge tongues flickered in her pussy-hole and each time Penelope made her cum her screams made the Queen so horny again….

A few hours later Lady of Cambridge and her army had dinner in the castle. Many things had to be discussed and many things had to be prepared. Soon the night came and only a few people were able to sleep, considering what would happen the next day. When the Queen wanted to rest for an hour she was upset that her maid was in her bed! However, a nice long spanking distracted her from all the stress…. Penelope was busy to ‘maintain social ties’ as she said when she led the new warrior-women through the castle and showed them a few hidden places. Bethany was busy to care for her disciples, who were frightened of the whole situation. She visited the young girls in their sleeping rooms, she fondled and kissed and touched the girls and a few of them enjoyed the first orgasm of their young lives. In the boy’s sleeping room she spend a few hours more and when she was finished the first beams of the sun announced a new day.

Lady la Vamp and Queen Sally d’Écossais were the first who attended breakfast. Penelope de la Diamant Noir appeared a few minutes later. None of them really slept last night. A new day had come and nobody knew if there was an evening. Lady of Cambridge and her army were having breakfast in the ceremonial hall of the castle. The Queen inhaled a few cups of coffee and some porridge – that was all. Then she went to the main gate and told the guards to open it. Someone brought her horse. With the sword in her hands the Queen was waiting for the attack. Of course it was too early in the morning but this was a symbol. A symbol of being not afraid. A symbol of being ready to fight.

In the late afternoon when the sun almost kissed the horizon all the troops were waiting outside the castle. Also the Lady of Cambridge and her white army set up their position, forming a human ring around Sweetwhores Castle. Nobody said a word. Everyone watched the horizon which was becoming darker from minute to minute. Like a black cloud the troops of Lucia la Scélérate and the evil sisters appeared – the troop of the living dead.

In a one-miles-distance they stopped and a single rider appeared. Sally spured her horse and after a few minutes she stood in front of Lucia la Scélérate.

“You and your folks have no chance, Sally d’Écossais! Surrender and maybe I shall have mercy.”From the small slits of her eyes Sally looked at the black witch and replied: “I do not expect your mercy – your mercy is a lie. And you cannot expect my mercy.” Then the redhead turned her horse around and rode back straight to the castle.

“Let the show begin – are the white witches in position?”

The Order of Sweetwhores

“Do you really think we have time for sex, wifey?” Pen curred but Sally’s killing glance made her shut up.
The white witches were already arranged in a circle, forming a ring around the castle. The Queen and her folks were outside the ring, awaiting the attack of the enemies. And the attack came sooner than expected. The sun was about to set down and the fast growing dark clouds turned the evening into night…. When the army of the living dead came in sight, Sally rose her sword skywards and the white witches started to sing a melody… in pentatonic scales by repeating the tones in perfect intervals… pure magic. These tones were causing pleasurable shivers and a sudden joy that filled everyone’s hearts. At least those hearts who were defending the castle. The voices of the white witches caused confusion and spiritual damage to their enemies. All these thousands of riding creatures that were following Lucia la Scélérate suddenly slowed down, they were screaming like they were suffering strong pain.The black witch Lucia also screamed, but her screams were just pure hate and mortal lust to kill.
“Forward, forward!” she screamed. “Let’s destroy the Order of Sweetwhores, let’s kill them all, no mercy!”
She raised her sword when she saw Sally, who’s long red hairs were blowing in the wind. Lucia’s face was like a grimace, full of hate. The Queen sat on her horse like a statue, holding the sword lowered in her right hand.  Lucia la Scélérate reached the redhead and in the moment she wanted to give her the deadly strike she was stopped by the sword of the Queen.
Black blood ran out of her wound when Lucia la Scélérate fall to the ground. She was shivering, shaking… then blood oozed out of her mouth…. her dying body was blurring and then she finally dissolved into black dust.
The Queen raised her head and she watched the setting sun. The dark clouds were gone, the army of the living death was beaten. She turned her horse around and a few minutes later she embraced each of her friends.
After a while Vianney pointed at the horizon. “What about the devilish sisters, my Queen? Shall I go and catch them?”
Sally smiled when she noticed two tiny dots in a distance. Charlotte dan Eider and her sister Genevieve on the run.
“A good idea – we will use them as our sex-slaves”, Penelope suggested.

The Queen touched Penelope’s breast and weighted them in her hands…. her eyes became small slits and she purred in a warning voice: “Should you ever again touch the pussy of one of these criminal sisters you will sleep outside my bedroom!”
“May I then sleep in your bedroom if you wife is not there?” Monika grinned.

“Well, discuss this with Penelope”, the Queen replied. “I gonna need a long, hot bath now….” She had to raise her voice because of Monika’s loud screams when Penelope spanked her.

“Well, I would like to soap you, my Queen”, Bethany hummed, “but I have to give some extra-lessons to a few disciples…”

“At this late hour? Oh, well, I guess nothing official, right?”

Bethany blushed and Vianney laughed: “I will prepare the bath, my Queen!”
A few hours later singing and laughter came from the Castle of ‘The Order of Sweetwhores’. Of course Lady Jenny and her white witches were going to stay for a while and the enjoyed many new things before they had to ride back home. So many hot and juicy things happened during this celebration which would fill many books. Perhaps when the day has cum I will tell more details….
Sally Starbride

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