The Odyssey (Return Home to Scotland)

This is my last day of my vacation and tomorrow I will fly back. However, Penelope asked me to give her a detailed report of my journey. Well, here it is:


“Damn!” the redhead hissed. Yes, she reached the Heathrow airport but she had to change… to Gatwick! This was 60 km and it was complicated to reach the other airport for the flight to Edinburgh. Indeed she was lucky to get this plane so she had more time to spend in her lovenest next to the Atlantic. 50 Pounds for a taxi! This was against her Scottish attitude but this was the fasted way. The bus-terminal was far away and she had no idea of the departures. At least she was not in a hurry since the plane was leaving in a few hours… even the taxi was involved into one traffic jam after the other.
However, she was good in time when she left the taxi and she saw the big windows of Gatwick-North. She paid the driver and got her trolley-case and her handbag, then she passed a few escalators and went straight to lounge no. 1. which was more quiet than the Servisair Wentworth Lounge where many parents and their children are. Sally relaxed and took a magazine… from time to time she looked at the woman sitting opposite to her. She was dressed like a typical business-woman, blonde hairs, a dark dress – very thigh – much to Sally’s delight. She did wear glasses, eyeglasses from the 70s, quite old-fashioned. The redhead looked at her wonderful legs, then at her blouse and her cleavage which was showing far to little from her big boobs. Their views crossed and the busty business-woman smiled at Sally. Then she concentrate on her paper while she slowly licked and smacked her lips. Excellent, Sally thought to herself and she slowly ordered her hairs… and then she opened the upper buttons of her own blouse… like a signal. The bar was not far away and since there was still one hour left until the flight to Edinburgh it would be nice to find out if perhaps the blonde and her had the same way… It really was no problem to stop for a night in the capital of Scotland, moreover, her travel plans had changed already and it was not sure if there was a chance to be home tonight. Most probably not, but that was really no problem. It was wonderful to feel free and independent, just back in the country she loved so much. That sweet blonde most probably was living alone, maybe she was divorced or she had a girlfriend already. She did not wear a ring, like Sally who only was wearing her meaningless former wedding-ring on some rare occasion like meetings with male clients.


This cute woman that looks so prude will be such a hot whore in my arms… The redheads mind was far away and she imagined how both women stepped into the stylish apartment… and when the blonde locked the door Sally embraced her… her breast touched and her tongues danced and greedy fingers explored the opposite body, ripping clothes…

“Damn!” the redhead almost shouted. Out of the crowd which suddenly entered the lounge a young, good looking guy walked to the blonde business-woman, pulled his arms around her and kissed her.

“Did you wait long, darling?” he asked.

“Oh, no, just twenty minutes. How was the flight?”

“All OK. Did you reserve a nice room for us?”

The blonde nodded and soon she disappeared with the guy.

“Whore!” Sally silently hissed and continued to read her magazine.

An hour later she sat the the British Airway plane. No window seat this time but this was really not necessary because it was getting dark. The fat woman next to her was a quite nervous. Well, she was a fat but, full lips and dressed like a slut. She was getting more and more nervous when everyone had to fasten the seat belts, which was a real problem for her. Sally helped her to fix the belt and then she fixed her own. Thankfully the woman touched Sally’s hand and smiled at her, winking at her.

“Thanks dear”, she smiled and for the first time the redhead saw her teeth – at least those that were left. A few teeth were missing and she had a bad breath. “One and a half hour”, Sally thought, “then its over….”

“That ya first flight?” the fat women asked and again she touched Sally’s hand and smiled almost toothless.

“Er… yes. It is my first flight this week”, Sally replied and took her hand away.

“Hey, so we ma keep tagether!” the fat woman said and put her hand on Sally’s thigh and with her other hand she pulled out a little bottle which the redhead identified as some cheap Vodka. “Wanna some? Great stuff, Babe!”

Being called ‘Babe’ was one thing in this world that the redhead absolutely did not like. “One hour 20 minutes”, she thought to herself and replied in a kind voice: “Thanks a lot, but I prefer some mineral water.”

Indeed a flight attendant approached and Sally wondered if she should ask her for a nice room in Edinburgh. It was almost useless to continue the journey to the North because it simply got late. But the redhead was not sure if the fat woman next to her might live in Edinburgh, too! Perhaps she would offer to stay the night with her… “Awww… she will rape me!” No, the red haired girl decided to wait for a chance to talk to the pretty, blonde stewardess later, if there was a chance.

“Coffee, tea, mineral water…?” the stewardess smiled at Sally.

“Wine fa me!” the fat women shouted, but the stewardess still smiled at Sally. The redhead smiled back at her and with a low voice she answered “Mineral water please!” and she enjoyed the view at the maid’s cleavage when she leaned over and served the redhead. “Mmmhh… this could be my perfume”, Sally thought and enjoyed when her hips touched Sally’s cheeks… sweet bigger hips and the redhead instantly felt aroused. “Smells like L’Air du Temps..”. While her eyes went from the wonderful cleavage back to the eyes of the Stewardess. “I hope you enjoy the flight”, the flight attendant whispered, “if you need anything..”

The redhead slowly nodded and watched how the fat women aside her poured the wine into her greedy mouth. “Awwwww, Lor’ luv a duck! That was gud!” she burped and again her hand was on Sally’s thigh. “Whe… where yew stay in Edin’ bra, young lady?” The redhead couldn’t restrain a sigh when she looked at her watch. One more hour! “I do not stay in Edinburgh, I will go further”, she carefully replied.

“Too bad, I just ‘ave been divorced and I ‘ave lots ov space! I ‘ave no idea why dis bastard left me, he was not able ter satisfy me. Fuckin’ tailless!” She took another deep swig of Vodka.

The redhead shut her eyelids for a moment and thought to herself: “I had a few very good reasons why that guy run away….”. then she sipped from her mineral water.

“But yew are different. Thee know what a bird wants. Know what I mean?” She laughed raunchily.

Sally was looking for the emergency exist but alas! This was no good idea. “I, er… will look for the toilet”, she smiled and escaped to the central aisle and then further to the head of the air-plane. As usual, Sally was glad the fire detectors were temperature-based as far as a friend told her a while ago, so the redhead could have a smoke. Then she took a long time making herself up… 40 minutes left! Then someone knocked at the door… “Moment” the redhead replied and after another minute she opened the door. “Are you ok, Miss…?” the stewardess asked her apprehensively.

“Oh, sure, all is fine!” Sally replied and smiled. The flight attendant smile back and because the floor in front of the toilet door was very narrow both women were touching each other…. Sally’s mind was blurring…. and she suddenly noticed the first buttons of the girls blouse were open, showing her white bra. With a lascivious smile the busty flight attendant now opened Sally’s blouse! The redhead seized the girl’s hands and lead them to her breast… pushing them strong against her bosom. Then the stewardess slowly peeled the redheads breast out of their cups…. and her lips cover Sally’s nipples one after another, sucking them, her tongue twirling, circling around her buds, so greedily, lustily… Sally could feel her hands, weighting, softly squeezing her breast while her nipples were growing in the mouth of the sexy stewardess… so warm her mouth, so wonderful her tongue and she sucks so sweet… and while her fingers now served Sally’s stiff nipples she kissed and licked the channel between her breast… she bend over…. kisses the redheads navel… then she bend her knees and kisses her mons while her fingers were slowly entering her most wet pussy… then her tongue started to circle around Sally’s clit… the redhead moaned… The stewardess looked at Sally and she licked her lips. “My name is Mmmmmmmmmmpffffffff”, she started but the redhead pulled her hairs and pressed the girl’s face against her hungry pussy… “Make me cum, bitch… yesssssss!”

“Are you really ok, Miss?”

These words suddenly Sally brought back to reality… the flight attendant put her arms on her shoulders, of course she was fully dressed.

“Er… yes… er… must be the flight…” Sally fibbed.

“I am so sorry. Yes, I am sure that women next to you is a little difficult”, the stewardess whispered as she helped Sally back to her seat. Much to Sally’s relieve the fat woman was sleeping. And snoring. 20 more minutes still left, ay that was acceptable.

She sat down, trying to relax and she felt how her eyelids felt like a lead weight… the buzzing of the machine… but suddenly everything changed!

“Now I got you! I fuck da shi’ aaaht ov you!”

Sally tried to stand up. Her seatbelt was fastened and she could not move! Where were the other flight passengers? There was only the fat lady in front of her and what the redhead saw was not very nice… The cockney-woman stood in front of her… naked! Her heavy, saggy tits were hanging down, swinging. Then she slapped her tits into Sally’s face until her cheeks were hurting.

“Thee like what slut? Bliss an’ suck ’em. And then yew’ll lick me pussy! OK?” Then she pushed her dark-brown big nipples against Sally’s mouth and the redhead remembered better days…. After a while the moaning fat woman stopped and now she stood in front of Sally, legs spread. Sally stared at the unshaven pussy… the unshaven legs…

“Lawd above! My cun’ an’ me cli’ are waitin’ fer yaaahr tongue! Lick me!”

Then she grabbed her hairs and pulled her face towards her bushy crotch… and the redhead struggled… “No, Nooooo, I won’t lick that dirty, moist jungle… Noooooo!”

“Ladies and gentleman we’ll be landing in about 10 minutes… fasten your seat belts please…”

The redhead shocked out of her nightmare and the nice flight attendant again was aside her. She stroke Sally’s hair and whispered: “You should not fly too often…. will you stay in Edinburgh tonight?”

“Not sure”, Sally replied and with a smile she added: “But if I find a nice room…”

“Oh, that is bad luck! A colleague of mine is sick and I have to overtake her shift. But perhaps… next time when you fly with me….”

Damn! The redhead was really in no good mood about this unsatisfying news. The airport clock told her if was 7.45 pm so perhaps she could catch the train and phone her friends to pick her up in Inverness or Aberdeen…

9.05 the train departed and the redhead relaxed when the train left the old station Edinburgh-Haymarket behind. Carefully she looked around if there was any fat lady but much to her delight the train was not much frequented. So she took out her notebook and inserted the Internet-stick she always used on her journeys. Fuck, she could not get a connection to the remote server on the continent… and just when she was about to plug her mobile to the notebook she remembered to call their friends, since they expected her in 2 days. After a long phone call the cell phone battery was almost dead. Where was the fucking spare battery…?

“Tea, coffee, mineral water…” she suddenly heard a gentle voice asking. Sally turned around and saw a sexy, blonde women with a trolley, smiling at her. Mineral Water was a good idea… perhaps a sandwich even it might taste horrible…. Sally watched the hips of that woman, mmmhhhhh…, yes. And her cleavage! She bend over to get a bottle of water from the trolley and the redhead had a perfect view… and she had a long view… much to long and the blonde train hostess must have discovered that! Yes.. she smacked her lips, she poked at Sally! And now… the shut the door and locked it! Then she closed the curtains…

“My name is Su… I’m here for you”, she aspirated, hardly audibly. “You must not pay me, I am yours, Sally” she added and opened her dark-blue blouse. She now stood directly in front of Sally who’s hands gently touched her bra, then she stroke her hairs… the hostess shut her eyes and knelt down in front of the redhead, whose hand slowly did slide into her bra… pulling our her wonderful breast. Then she weight they breast into her tender hands, fondled them and the blonde woman moan when Sally’s tender fingertips tickled her breast and then she gently started to rub her nipples. The redheads juices started to flow when the blonde hostess threw back her head, stretching her breast and she moaned louder… Then her hands were going to her own crotch and she squeezed herself… then her hand slide into her own panties and she masturbated…. simultaneously she kisses Sally’s inner thigh, her mons and while you was masturbating faster she pulled down Sally’s panties with her teeth… pulling down slowly, centimetre for centimetre. The redhead got up a little from her seat… then her body arched when a wet, warm tongue circled around her clit… then up and down between her pussy lips.. and Sally’s finger rubbed the servant’s nipples stronger… and she gave a long deep moan when the tongue started to penetrate her, she thrust her pelvis against that wonderful licking and pushing tongue, her hands cupped the blonde woman’s breast and weighted her, squeezed her…. “Yessssssss… fuck me with your tongue”, Sally gasped…

“£4.50 please!”

Damn, I am overworked and tired, the redhead inwardly cursed. She gave Su 5 Pounds telling her to keep the rest. After a final look at the sweet bum of the train hostess, Sally leaned back and looked out the window… passing trees and hills in the dark, she looked at a sign opposite to her seat saying ‘Scotrail’. She felt tired but so good, free as a bird even she would not be home tonight…

“We will be soon reaching Aberdeen, please….”

She opened her eyes, a little confused. Already there? She grabbed her bags, stroke her hairs and ordered her clothes. Then she walked to the small floor and she run into a woman… red hairs, almost the same figure as her. There they stuck, breast against breast, their lips inches from each other… Sally admired the full lips of that sexy woman, her long and Sally’s sharp eyes noticed a little scar above her left eyelid, which made her look so lascivious.

“We have 10 minutes time”, she woman gasped and she pushed her crotch against Sally’s. Sally pushed her own breast further against her opponent and their nipples touched, stiff as hell. Their lips found each other and soon their tongues were dancing wild while they rubbed their crotches against each other. Sally grabbed the woman’s neck and pulled her stronger against her while their tongues mingled, noisily smacking. Now Sally felt a searching hand in her panties, cupping her womanhood, squeezing and then – Sally’s body was arching – fingers started to fuck her! She moaned loud and in the same moment her hand slide into the woman’s panties, too… she lubricated her fingers in the most wet split and then she started to circle around the woman’s hard clit… Sally spread her legs wider and she just started to circle at the clit of her lover… and soon the woman screamed and sobbed into Sally’s mouth and with her thumb at her clit now Sally finger-fucked her while she got fucked, too.

The loud noise of the stopping train, followed by a loudspeaker announcement, spoken by a friendly female voice made clear that they reached their reached their destination. Oh, yes, indeed they reached their sexual destination since both women were still gasping, hugging each other, exhaustedly.

“Can I stay with you tonight in Aberdeen?” Sally whispered.

“Buy a ticket back to Edinburgh and I trib you until Haymarket”, the woman gasped and kissed Sally. “I am the train hostess for the way back… and I would love to find out the way to your back”, she lustily smiled and touched Sally’s bum. The redhead tried to think clearly. Her body felt so warm and heavy, like her eyelids, which indeed were like a lead weight. Slowly she shook her head. “I urgently need a bed and you are not the kind of girl that lets me sleep until Haymarket.”

“Definitely not”, the hostess laughed. “You won’t get a chance to close your eyes, maybe only each time you cum in my arms!”

After a few deep kisses Sally left the train and looked around. She remembered ‘The Thistle’ – but that hotel was near the airport and as usual no taxi was in sight. So she walked along Bridge Street and she passed a guest-house that looked as shabbily as its name: ‘Monkey House’. No, thanks. Bah, now drizzle rain started and after 10 more minutes she was wet as a cat. Where was the next hotel? Someone approached in the dark, a guy.

“Ha’ ya na umbra, babe?” he shouted.

Babe? BABE?

“If I ha’ an umbrella I’d smash it against your blockhead! Where is the next fucking hotel?”

“Er… 200 meters, Madam!” the guy replied and disappeared as fast as he could.

“Thank ya sa much!” Sally shouted after the guy. A few minutes later she stood in front of the ‘Aberdeen Caledonian’, and old building. She walked up the 9 stairs to the entrance towards an old lady who just pulled on a raincoat, obviously she was about to leave.

“Good evening, young lady”, she smiled. “If ya need any accommodation then please go upstairs to the barkeeper, she will show you! Good night!”

Then she left the hotel. Strange… barkeeper… a bar? Sally shrug her shoulders and carefully stepped down a narrow staircase. Mmmhh…. perhaps a drink would be nice before going to bed.

The bar was empty but someone was behind the counter, at least Sally saw the ass of someone who was obviously picking up sherds from the ground.

“One moment please!” a high voice was saying and Sally sat down at the counter, looking at the sherds behind the counter.

“I’d like a room and a strong drink if you still have glasses left”, the redhead said and watched a woman in a black dress who was cleaning the floor from sherds.

“A broom?”

“A r-o-o-o-o-m!”

“Ok, Bloody Mary?”

“No, my name is Sally Kirtomy……” Sally stopped as the woman finished cleaning and turned around. Two big dark eyes looked at her, eyes like a deer… but there was such a naughty glance in these eyes. Long dark hairs as far as Sally could see in the dimmed light. Her big breast could not be overlooked, the biggest boobs the redhead ever had seen. “… and I need a boo…, err… a bed…”, she finished.

“No B.. bloody Mary?” the busty bar-maid asked shyly. Her breast now we laying on the counter, directly in front Sally’s eyes, who could not get her eyes of this promise of a hot night. Suddenly she no longer was tired. The bar-maid pursed her lips and whispered: “What can Penelope offer you?”

The redhead looked at the big breast in front of her… she was still wet from that what happened in the train. Then she looked deep into Penelope’s eyes and whispered: “That depends on the price you take… and what you can offer.”

The bar-maid leaned forward, her lips almost touched Sally’s as she whispered: “A room here is 80 per night, the beds make noise and the linen smells musty.”


“My shift ends in a few minutes. My apartment is not far from here and my body will be yours…”

A few minutes later Sally was on Bridge Street again, with Pen at her side, holding hands. Indeed the apartment was nice and a King Size black metal bed frame made the redhead smile.


“Oh, you seem to like metal bed frames, too. Where are the cuffs?” Both women laughed and the bar-maid showed her guest the way to the bathroom, which was highly welcomed by Sally in order to have a hot shower.

While she enjoyed the hot jets of water the bathroom door opened and Pen slipped through the doorway, completely naked. “We must safe water, we are in Scotland”, the redhead laughed and enjoyed the first view at the bar-maids big, bare boobs. Indeed they were incredible and Sally’s hand magically were attracted and she touched them, she fondled them with the palm of her hands… while she forced her knee between Penelope’s legs. Soon the dark haired girl was leaning with her back against the wall of the shower-cabin, helpless seduced by a horny redhead. Her hands seemed to be everywhere and Pen screamed orgiastically when Sally’s tongue suddenly was twirling at her clitty… and she felt how the redhead pushed her fingernails into Pen’s ass-cheeks. The redhead enjoyed to eat the busty girl and she licked and sucked her clit, she dove her tongue deep into Pen’s quivering pussy, twirling, sucking, licking and then again she was at her clit… Pen screamed and screamed… never before in her life she cum so hard…

Some times later – after a long and intensive towelling Sally jumped into the king size bed and lay down at her back, legs spread. “Awwwwww… that is good, my feet hurt like the feet of a Dorfmatrotzn”, she gasped.

“A… what?”

“An Austrian Whore, Pen! I was born in Austria.”

“As a whore, Sally?” Pen grinned. “I know a good foot massage…”

Sally shut her eyelids while the bar-maid was kneeling at her feet. With her big, stiff nipples she rubbed Sally’s soles, her feet, pushing her nipples between Sally’s toes, then she sucked her toes and the redhead felt her juices started to flow again… After a few minutes tit-foot-massage Penelope’s nipples slide upwards Sally’s legs… until her big nipples reached Sally’s clit… and now she rubbed her clit with her nipples until the redhead moaned loud, arching her body. Then Pen’s mouth was at her pussy, licking, sucking and the redhead felt how Pen’s hard nipples were digging into her inner thigh. The redhead screamed when the bar-maid sucked her clit harder…. and harder… so big… then Pen tickled and rubbed Sally’s clit with her big nipples and with her boobs while she sucked the navel of the screaming redhead…. and then she made her cum with the thin jets of water from the shower head….

It took a while until Sally opened her eyes again and first thing was that Penelope’s tongue greedily was licking her split, second thing was Pen’s pussy directly in front of her face….


“Mmmmmmhhhh…. 69….”, Sally moaned and her tongue began to circle around Penelope’s hard clit… again and again. Soon the circles became closer and Penelope screamed into Sally’s pussy when the redhead suck and licked her clit while her fingers twisted and twirled in the bar-maids lust-hole. Pen could not get enough and various positions brought many satisfying moments. Again and again Sally licked the channel between Pen’s boobs and paid special attention with her fingers and lips to her enormous breast, before she fall on her back, tired and exhausted and greedy Pen took advantage and started a long, finally ride on Sally’s face. The short rest of the night the spend in spooning position…

It was already 10.00 am. when the bar-maid opened her eyes. With a smile she slowly raised her head, but the place next to her was empty! The redhead was gone! Very sad the bar-maid got up and looked out the window. The drizzle had stopped and the sun was shining it sure did not reach her heart. Everything was so empty. Then she noticed a piece of paper in front of the door. A phone number and an address! And there was more… and Pen read: “Awaiting you in the afternoon in my lovenest!”

Many miles away the redhead changed the train to Inverness… 6 more hours and she was back home…..


Sally for Penelope – October 2012

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