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Arrested On Iceland

Published August 16, 2018 by Sally
“No”, it’s too cold, Penelope grunted, “I do not want to wear my winter clothes each and every day, I want sun and bikini!”
“You will”, I reassured her. “the temperatures on Iceland are wonderful in summer. And there is a pool next to the hotel… and a bar and pretty girls serving drinks…”
The next day some drizzle rain welcomed the women when the plane landed in Reykjavik, a cold wind blew.
“Do not say anything until you have seen the luxurious hotel”, the redhead grunted and she stopped a taxi. A few minutes later they arrived at the ‘Horizon’ which is located on a small peninsula. Indeed the hotel was much better than the weather and soon they had a drink at the bar. Penelope started to flirt with the pretty bartender, who had a little scar above her left eyelid.  Meanwhile Sally noticed a woman sitting in a dark corner of the room, intensively looking at everyone. She did wear a uniform, obviously a police-woman. She looked nice, maybe aged about 40,  her body seemed to be in a good shape. Meanwhile, Pen had a drink too many and as she touched the bartenders breast, she said: “Well, come upstairs with me, sweetheart. I will pay your loss of earnings!” Penelope put a bill on the table, but Sally took the bill and said: “Let’s have a shower to cool you down, Pen. It seems like the lady is not interested!”
“You never let me have fun, Sally!” Pen protested. “I am sure that chick is paid badly, so why not give her some extra money!”
It took a while to bring the protesting bitch back to the hotel room. Sally pulled off her clothes and went to the shower cabin. “Why pay for a chick when you can have an eagle for free?”
A few minutes later Penelope knelt in front of her, her tongue busy. With the shower head she granted her wife further joy. Of course Sally rewarded her with her skilful fingers and after they towelled each other the women went into the comfortable bed and rubbed their pussies for an hour against each other which granted them a lot of excellent moments of joy…
Both were a little exhausted when someone knocked at the door. “Reykjavik Police, open the door please!”
“Didn’t you pay our drinks, Sally?” Penelope ask terrified. “No idea”, she replied, she wrapped a towel around her hips and opened the door. Oh well, she saw that woman already before….
“Bryndir Sigurdotir, Reykjavik Police. I am special agent for money laundering and sexual offence such as prostitution!”
“So what can we do for you”, the redhead calmly asked.
“Well”, Bryndir Sigurdotir now stood in front of her,  breasts almost touching each other. “it looks like your, err, whatever she is – tried to lure an Iceland Woman into prostitution!”
“Well”, Sally replied, “This whatever-she-is is my wife and all I saw was she gave that woman a tip, right, Pen?”
“Yes, that is right, Mrs Money laundering and prostitution, I am completely innocent!”
“Well, perhaps in this case”, Sally grinned.
“However,  special agent Bryndir Sigurdotir continued, “I want to have your asses in my office by today at 6 p.m. Follow the A1 to Grundarhverfi and you see a big house. I expect you, so don’t be late!”
“What now, Sally? I am too young to go into prison! What do we do now? We are lost in police violence! We should flee! Immediately!”
“We will get arrested at the next airport, sweetie.” Sally finalized the discussion. “We will visit that lady tonight and see. Did you notice, she is not wearing a wedding ring even she looks perfect?”
It was impossible to overlook the ‘big house’ near Grundarhverfi. The woman stopped at a large gate. It opened and after a few meters they stopped the car.
“Well, Ladies”, special agent Bryndir Sigurdotir explained. “Iceland is a liberal and free state. But we do not want sexual offence and prostitution in our country, you understand?”
The girls nodded.
“So it is embarrassing to an Iceland woman if you offer her money in order she comes upstairs with you. Such behaviour  will be not tolerated but punished. We have prisons here in Iceland, you know?” Sigurdotir massaged her neck and put her shoulders forward.
“Not yet!”
“What, not yet?”
“We did not know that there were prisons in Iceland”, Penelope explained.
“Ok, now I know what you mean…” The woman again massaged her neck.

“Do you have problems with your neck and shoulder muscles?” Sally asked feelingly. “Neck Tension can be very painful. Maybe you need a massage!”

“The Doctor gave me an injection yesterday…”  Sigurdotir explained.

“And? Did it help? Not really, right? Take off your clothes and lay down on the table, I can give you such a massage!”

Special agent Bryndir Sigurdotir got up and again she made a painful grimace. Carefully she took off her uniform, Pen helped her. Then Sigurdotir placed herself on the table, face down, as Sally requested. the redhead now sat at Bryndirs back. With light, long strokes her hands went up and down, She used long, gentle motions along the surface of the muscles.  Bryndir moaned slightly when Sally slide her fingers down the sides of the neck, sweeping over onto the shoulders. She pulled back the arm of the agent and like accidentally she slightly touched Bryndirs teats…. then she continued with the other arm.

“Before you start drooling, Pen, will you please go to the bathroom and look for some body lotion or oil?”

The grumbling Pen disappeared. After a few minutes she return, a massage lotion in her hand. “Well done, sweetie”, Sally smiled and gave Pen a kiss. Then the redhead  covered the women’s neck with lotion. Now she repeated the whole procedure. From time to time Sally’s hands touched the buttocks and the femoral neck of the women, who meanwhile purred like a cat.

“The tensions of your neck-shoulder-back area  probably are located in your back and pelvic area”, Sally purred and massaged the buttocks, while her hands moved towards the labia.
“Oil can loosen up hardening and tensions”, now Pen interfered, “but certain tensions require special treatment!” She touched the firm buttocks of the security agent. “Do you agree, Sally?”
Sally grinned. “Perhaps you are right. Well, Miss Sigurdotir, will you please turn around? At your back?”
The woman did so. “I feel better already… it’s wonderful! And I feel so…. good!”
“Miss Sigurdotir”, Sally purred and stroke the head of the woman, “I am afraid your paining neck also comes from certain, er, sexual tensions. But you are lucky, my wife and me are expert in such a treatment!” The redhead nodded her head towards Pen. “We need to oil your body completely. Pen, will you please take off her panties?”
Pen did so immediately, then she kneeled down in front of Bryndir ‘s labia and gently her tongue started to explore.
“Oh, you! What….” Sally kiss interrupted Bryndir ‘s  protest. Simultaneously her fingers played with her breast, stimulating her nipples. Their tongues melted and the woman moaned into Sally’s mouth as Penelope gave her a special oral treatment. Oh, the treatment became very special when Penelope rubbed the agent’s clitty with her nipples until her body started to shiver. Then she fucked the woman with her nipples, one by one. Meanwhile Sally’s mouth mollycoddled her nipples and the woman gasped and moaned loud. Now the special agent was like putty in the hands of both women, so Sally pulled down her pink panties and sat down at the agents face. The redhead enjoyed the greedy tongue of the Icelander.
Special agent Bryndir Sigurdotir no longer had problems with her neck, but she had a strong urge to cry and to cum…. Penelope fingerfucked her until the body of the woman was bowing, her tongue flickered in Sally pussy, Sally squeezed her tits and moaned, falling into a wonderful orgasm…. while the tongue of the wiggling woman under her smoothly prolonged the orgasm.  The redhead heard her wife moaning behind her, from a glimpse of her eye she realized that Pen was tribbing the women, her body shivered from sweat. Then both woman … very loud, very intensive…. achieved an incredible orgasm… Sally rode Bryndir’s face slowly, still enjoying….
It was about midnight when the three woman relaxed in bed, Sally watched Pen, who tried to persuade agent Sigurdotir to have sex once more, ‘just to make sure that her neck was really cured’.
“Are we still under police suspicion?” Sally smiled at Bryndir and stroke her hairs, moving her hand down to her breast.
“Err.. no. You are no longer under… sus…picion”, the security agent confirm gasping, since Pen was fingering her. “How… long… will… you… stay, oooohh?”
“Well, at least once more night”, the redhead grinned as she softly pinched Bryndir’s nipples.
“Oh… my… God…”, the woman gasp, “…and if I have… again… problems with… my neck, awwww?”
“Then you should arrest the barmaid at the Horizon Hotel, she takes money all the time. maybe she washes it!” Penelope finalized this problem.

Then Pen and Sally started a further treatment of security agent Sigurdotir’s neck.


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