Room 808

From the scenic panorama window of the hotel-suite in the luxurious Leonardo hotel the women looked at the skyline of the big city. This part of Berlin also was called ‘Manhattan on the Spree’. The hotel was overlooking Alexanderplatz, named after a Russian czar.

“I must fuck that hot bitch, Sally”, the girl with the long, dark hairs gasped and her eyes soft as a fawn looked at her red haired wife. “She makes me nervous and hot each time she serves breakfast. Her tight fitting uniform begs to be ripped from her curvaceous body! Well, wifey, any plan how we can fuck her? Maybe next time she cleans our room?”

The redhead still watched something in a far distance while her brain started to develop a well-defined scheme. She looked at Penelope, who was sitting on the bed, the toes of her legs pointed lasciviously at Sally. Sally took Pen’s left foot and started to suckle her toes until the girl with the long, dark hairs started to moan. “First of all we must check the the timetable of that maid. Its a myth that room-maids have time for sex, they are always in a hurry…”
The redhead now started to suck the toes of Pen’s right foot intensively. “I’ll explain you my plan, wifey”, Sally purred and her tongue moved up to Pen’s knee, then up to her inner thigh… to her crotch, kissing her pussy-lips. “Our room is in the upper part of the hotel at the end of the floor, so perhaps it is the last room the maid has to clean….” Her tongue moved to the inside of the thigh… and slowly her tongue went down to the toes, sucking them strongly. Pen already was laying at her back, fondling her breasts, gasping.

“We need the time-table of the hotel-staff”, the redhead continued and also her tongue continued its way back to Pen’s thigh and further to her crotch, sucking her wife’s pussy-lips again. “I saw a time-table in the bar, so we must check it. You will distract the bar-keeper and I’ll make a picture from the time-table with the camera of my mobile-phone.”

“Yeeesssss”, Penelope confirmed. “A gooood plaaaann….” Sally’s fingers gently spread Pen’s pussy-lips and she tasted her wife’s juice. “I.. I…. willll disturb, eh… fuck… distract… the baaaar-keeeeeeper, yessssss”, the busty girl moaned as Sally tongue played with her clit. “… aaaand youuuuuuu… yesss… YESSSSSS…. picture the mooooobile…. Awwwwww…YESSSSSSS!”

“Something like that”, Sally agreed and intensively her tongue flickered on Pen’s lust-centre, she pushed her tongue deep into her wife, twirling, fucking her.

One hour later both women went to the lift and Sally pushed the button labelled ‘Cellar Area – Bar, Wellness’. “More wellness?” Penelope purred and pressed her breast against Sally. The redhead enjoyed the warmth of Penelope’s breast, indeed Pen’s body still emitted heat from the long. intensive orgasm she received when Sally fucked her with her tongue. Sally grinned. “Here is the bar, I have been here yesterday when I needed cigarettes. Look, at the right side of the bar there is the time-table of the employees…. now go and distract that old buddy on the bar but take care, do not cause a heart attack to that old guy!”

“Me! Tsssk…!” Penelope grumbled and sat down on bar stool close to the counter so her fantastic boobs could not be overlooked by the bar-keeper. Meanwhile the redhead played with her mobile-phone, obviously not interested in anything else. “W… what can I do for you, Lady?” the bar-keeper asked. “Pen”, Penelope purred. “You may call me Pen..” and she pushed her breast further on the counter. “Mineral water – for both!” Penelope replied with a seducing smile and stretched her breast further. The bar-keeper looked at her gigantic breast until he realized the order was not for these both tits but for both girls. Sally noticed the hands of the buddy started to shiver when he served the water. “Oh, good”, Penelope purred once more. “It is very hot in here, isn’t it?” The bar-keeper could not get his eyes from Penelope’s breast. “Y… yes… very hot”, he gasped. Penelope took off her blouse and the spaghetti string dress now gave a much better view at her lascivious body. Sally meanwhile prepared her mobile and after she sipped from her glass she slowly moved to the entrance to the counter and she looked – obviously interested in Scottish whiskey – at the bottles in the bar. The time-table was just two steps away only.

“Oh, you little, greedy voluptuary”, Pen laughed and pulled the bar-keeper’s tie, forcing him to move his face closer to her breasts, “do you mean my tits are hot? Come, have a closer view, you!” Sally was next to the time-table and took her mobile. In the background she heard the poor bar-keeper gasping… and she heard her wife saying: “You should have seen my nipples an hour ago when my wife licked me… oh, that was sooooo good and I came soooo hard.”

The bar-keeper desperately tried to open his tie which was suffocating him. “Agrrrr… Madam… please….” Penelope grabbed his hair and hissed with an outrageous voice: “Please what? You want to see my naked tits, you greedy old fart! Here, you can have a closer look at my tits, dirty old man!” Now Sally positioned the camera and took several pictures – it was no risk to use the photo-flash because the bar-keeper could not see anything but tits.

“Ok, wifey, let’s go back and stop suffocating the poor fellow!” Penelope stopped pulling the bar-keeper hairs and he moved back. He fall on his knee, gasping loud, his face was dark-red. “Madam,” he said in a croaky voice, “believe me, all I meant was: its really hot in here…” Then he fall on his back, breathing loud.

“Yeah, yeah, that is all what men say – lame excuse!” Pen replied and ordered her tits.

A few minutes later the women were back in their suite. “Awwww… “, Sally smiled. “Her name is Junelle M.”

“We could have asked her…”, Pen pouted. “Is that all? I let the bar-keeper taste my tits and all we know is the name of the bitch I want to ravish!”

“Keep calm, sweetheart, this time-table tells a lot more. Look, we are in room 808, which is almost the last one she has to clean. room 809 is empty, so room 810 will be the last one she has to clean. Once she is finished her shift ends and most probably she will go home afterwards.”

“Her shift will be over and she no longer is in hurry so we can ravage her!” Pen cheered. “So let’s start today!”

“You did not listen carefully”, Sally replied and fondled Penelope’s breast. “Room 810 is her last job so necessarily we must arrange that 810 will be empty so that our room will be her last room before her shift ends. This time it will be my job to get the necessary information from the front desk lady.”

“Oh, my clever wifey, how could I overlook this!” Penelope purred as she pushed her breast against Sally… and her hand disappeared between Sally’s thigh. The redhead moaned as Pen unzipped Sally’s tight stretch-jeans, as she pulled up the belly shirt above her head, as she sucked her nipples and fingered her…

After a shower in the spacious bathroom the redhead went down to the ground-floor. A blonde girl just was reading an article in a magazine when Sally stepped at the counter. Immediately the girl put aside the magazine, but from the glossy cover Sally noticed the word ‘Playgirl’. Oh, what a little front desk hussy, the redhead thought.

“W… what can I do for you, Madam?” the blonde girl shyly asked because she was sure that the red haired woman in front of her must have seen what she was reading. Of course Sally immediately realized that now she was in a good position and therefore she moved close to the counter, winking the blonde girl closer to her and when their noses almost touched, she purred: “You can do me a big favour, sweetie”. Sally touched the cheeks of the blonde front desk lady. “When does your shift ends?”

“Oh… Madam… I am so very sorry, my shift ends in two hours but it is my mom’s birthday and I…”

“Shhh…”, Sally smiled. “It is ok.” She touched the breast of the front desk lady so softly, then again she touched her cheeks. “Be a good girl and visit your mom, ok? But you can do something for me, will you?”

Sally’s hand touched her chin as the blonde gasped: “Anything, Ma’am…”

“Room 808 is nice, but I would like to move to room 810. Can you please change booking for me, sweetheart?”

Her hands were shivering when the front desk girl checked the sheet with the booking information.

“810 you said? Oh, I am so sorry, this room has been booked!”

“By whom?” Sally replied calmly.

The blonde front desk girl showed to the welcome bar, a bar much smaller than the one in the basement. A couple was sitting there, both were dressed stuffy, and boringly they stared against the wall. The women could have been sexy if someone ever told her to dress a little sexy, but the dress she did wear seemed to be ages old.

“Who are they?”

“There are here once a year”, the blonde girl replied while she watched Sally’s bum. “I think they are very prudish, they visit churches and they pray a lot. Now they wait until room 810 is ready to move in.”

“Ok, thanks once more, sweetie and see you…. later!” Sally purred as she touched the breast of the blonde receptionist like accidentally . With a content smile she noticed how the nipples of the blushing front desk girl were swelling. Then she went back to Penelope and they started to make another plan, but first Sally went to the blonde girl once more….

“I am sorry”, Sally whispered a few minutes later as she stood in front of the waiting couple. She did wear a white apron borrowed from the front desk girl,”but there is a problem with the toilet and the shower in your room. I would like to show you how to operate the toilet and the shower correctly. Perhaps I will show you, while your husband will wait here a few minutes…?

Emily looked at her husband. She needed his approval otherwise she would not do anything. Homer nodded. “Yes, darling, the bathroom is your territory. I shall wait and come later.” Thankfully Emily got up and followed the red headed girl to the lift. From the glimpse of her eyes Sally noticed how Penelope just crossed the floor, heading for the table where prudish Homer was sipping from his tea.

“You should wear a blouse instead of such a grey jacket”, Sally smiled. “However, your hubby seems to be very gentle.”

“Oh, no”, Emily replied. “Homer does not want me to wear such modern, devilish things. He always says that too much flesh confuses the intellect.”

“Ay… do you have children?” Sally continued and opened the first button of Emily’s jacket. “It is very hot in the lift, Madam, I can see how you sweat.”

“Children? Of course not! We never have sex since we lead a platonic relation since we met…”

“I understand”, the redhead smiled and opened the door with the chip-card she got from the front desk girl. She carefully shut the door and helped Emily out of her jacket. “What a wonderful body you have, Madam”, Sally purred and touched Emily’s shoulders… then her hips and finally her bum. Softly her fingers tickled Emily’s bum and she pulled her strongly against her. Now they touched each others breasts… Emily began to breathe harder. “Now… what’s about the toilet…?”

With her arm around her hips Sally led Emily into the bathroom. She flushed the toiled, she turned on the shower and Emily got wet. “Oh, so sorry, but it looks like everything is working fine again! The technical staff must have done that a few minutes ago…. Oh, so sorry, but you must take off your wet clothes…”. Sally took care to have as much body contact as possible with Emily. Indeed the prude woman felt a sudden tingle in her belly and she enjoyed how Sally touched her… she looked at Sally’s cleavage, her breasts and she enjoyed the smell of Sally’s perfume when the redhead stood in front of her and opened her wet bra very slowly…. face to face.

While Emily was not successful to resist Sally’s seduction and quietly moaned when the redhead opened her bra, Homer did not believe his eyes and with big round eyes he stared at busty Penelope, especially at her breast which were pointing like weapons at Homer.

“Oh, I so want to visit all the churches here”, the busty woman purred, “it must be wonderful to pray…. and learn about purity and innocence… do you like churches? And their big, hard and long towers?”

“Errr… yes”, Homer stuttered excitedly, “some are really big. And you are right, my girl, purity and innocence are the biggest values on earth. Of course… er… I can touch, err.. teach you….”

“Oh, you must!” Penelope pleaded and with her deer-like eyes she opened her blouse. “Can you hear my heart beating so fast? I am a sinner, I did dirty things. How can I get back purity and innocence? It needs something strong…. something hard…. that fills my body…. and my mouth…”

Homer cleared his throat and swallowed before continuing: “But what was it that polluted your… ti… I mean, err… your body, my child?”

Penelope put her hands on Homer’s knee… slowly moving forward. Homer swallowed again… and again as he felt a little uncomfortable because of a growing bulge in his trousers… his breathe was going stronger and he felt confused, so very confused.

“Oh, I think it is all because of this dirty sex! Oh, I never wanted it, it was my body who willingly got… er… how should I say?”

“You mean… abused?”

“Not really, I mean getting fucked!”

“Oh, that is devilish, my child”, Homer gasped and in his mind erected towers were growing and growing, naked angels flying above them. Homer wanted to run away, far away before the evil could take control of him! But he was unable to move, it was impossible to run away because everyone would see that big bulge!

“Fucked?” he gasped.

“Yes, fucked. I mean it was not much, just three men and me.”

“Three…. men?” Homers trousers were about to burst. Moreover when Pen’s hand reached his dick.

“Yes, three”, Pen replied with an innocent smile. “Just one blowjob, a handjob and…”

“Oh stop, my child! stop! I must rescue you! Errr… what job? What is that?”

“Oh, a blowjob?” Penelope purred innocently. “Well, Sir, imagine I unzip your trousers… and take out your big, hard dick and rub it with my hands…. and then I open my mouth and take your swollen dick…”

“No, stop! This is a sin! My poor girl, what nasty things did they do to you?” Homer put his hand on Pen’s in order to keep Pen’s hand on his hard dick. “You… must show me these evil things so I can fu…. er… bring back your purity and innocence….”

“Sir? I think your wife is waiting, it looks like the problem with the toilet and the shower was solved!” Homer stared at the blonde girl. Slowly, very slowly he realized she belonged to the hotel reception… His head was spinning, his mouth was drooling when he looked at the girls nice tits.

Emily’s body was arching as she screamed out her lust when Sally sucked her stiff nipples. Indeed it took Sally 5 long minutes to lay down this prude woman and finger-fuck her. Emily’s resistance was broken after the redhead undressed her and fondles her body, every inch of her body…

“Oh yesssss…. ngngngngngngng….. yessssss…… fuck the horny devil out of me, oh, yesssss…. YESSSSSS!” And Sally did . After Emily had the first orgasm in her life she wanted more and Sally showed her how to masturbate. Emily’s fingers were deep in her own pussy, twirling, twisting while Sally gently rubbed her nipples and squeezed her breast.

“Yessss…. come on, fuck this whorish ichy pussy, release yourself!” Sally cheered up the woman. Because Sally was still partly dressed she felt the vibration of the incoming call of her mobile in the pocket of her jeans. Twice! Good, that means Emily’s husband was on his way… the receptionist did a good job. While Emily was getting closer to another high, Sally quietly hide herself in the bathroom.

“Oh, this must be paining!” Penelope purred as she touched the big bulge of Homer’s trousers. She unzipped his trousers just when they reached the 8th floor… Homer’s dick popped out and and Pen started to rub it slowly. When they reached room 810 Homer desperately tried to get his chip-card out of the pocket of his trousers which was not easy with his trousers down. Indeed it was also very difficult because Penelope already licked his glans… kneeling and then she sucked his dick.

“This is a sin, my child! You must… stop… er… continue… yess…. you need your mouth filled with holy water…. yesss… no! Stay! Oh, I must bring back your innocence! And purity!” Homer moaned loud when his shivering hand found the chip-card. With a peep the door opened. In the same moment Pen disappeared.

Homer’s dick pointed at the ceiling of room 810 and he saw his wife, finger-fucking herself, her face like a grimace, her legs wide spread and her tits shaking. He stumbled into the room and fell straight on the bed because of his trousers down…

“Homer”, Emily gasped, “I must fuck the devil inside me away, he is in my pussy…”

“Oh, you devilish mare! I must pump you up with holy spirit!”

“Yes, Home, my heaven-sent-stallion, bring this wicked mare to the holy stallion and fill her with holy foam to bring back her innocence! Push Lucifer’s incredible stick into me!”

With a roaring scream Homer jumped on Emily’s body and his long dick disappeared in her pussy… both screamed incredibly loud and Sally left the bathroom, she grinned as the couple was fucking like never before and indeed, they never fucked before. The redhead picked up the phone of room 810 and she dialled the number of the local police and left the earphone on the table. Then she quietly left the room while she heard Homer shout: “Fuck? What devilish words, you whore of Satan! Lucifer’s stick now will clean your mouth with a holy blowjob!”

“Nooooooo! don’t do that you satanic stallion! He is too big for my virgin mouth…!”

Because the hotel was located next to the Alexanderplatz, which was the meeting point of criminals and dealers, police was also not too far and after less than 10 minutes later Penelope and Sally heard the smashing sound of a breaking door. Obviously the police was of the opinion, someone was murdering someone else when they listened to the noise on the phone. In order not to waste time they opened the door of room 810 with a special battering ram.

“Perhaps we overdid a little, Pen, but I am sure room 810 will no longer be used tonight….”

“And room 808 is the last one that the maid will have to clean.”

“And then we will clean the maid.”

“Yeah”, Penelope confirmed. “We bring her back purity and orgasm, err.. I mean pure orgasm.”

“First of all we must find out if she is into girls.”

“No, we mustn’t”. Penelope firmly replied. “If you and me cannot make her cum or even seduce her, then we have to ravish her and make her serve us and then Lucifer even can’t harm her.”

“Indeed”, Sally nodded. “Her eyes are cold as ice and her body is made out of lust. What a challenge!”

Junelle M. was not happy about what happened in room 810. She just had finished her shift when the hotel manager asked her to clean the room after the couple that booked the room had left the hotel in inconceivable panic. Junelle shook her head when she saw the bed, covered with sperm, spit, whatsoever.

‘They must have fucked like rabbits’, she thought and watched herself in the mirror…’Not bad’, she though, ‘my ass is perfect and my tits..’ She touched her breast and massaged them. However, she was glad this crazy couple left the hotel after the police opened the door. A colleague told Junelle that an elder guy just was fucking his screaming wife from behind… Again she shook her head. “If someone wants to fuck me then it must be a really classy person!” she hissed and kicked the box with dirty linen and towels on the floor.

Penelope, who watch her from the door gap, was almost drooling. Junelle bend over to pick up some dirt and Penelope saw her tight panties, the forms of her pussy-lips bulging… and she watched her waving hips when she walked back to the lift. Suddenly the busty girl realized she was fondling her tits and rubbed her crotch while she watched the girl… Oh, my Goddes, how horny she was… She shut the door and turned around… she saw Sally, laying naked on the bed, reading a magazine. Pen’s breathe was going harder and harder, she undressed immediately and with a loud scream: “Sallyyyyyy” she jump on her wife and tribbed her.

Early next day Penelope and Sally sat down in the panoramic conservatory-style breakfast area and watched the traffic on the Alexanderplatz. As expected, Junelle was serving them. “Can I bring you tea or coffee?” she asked with the cool eye of a distanced observer. “Coffee, tea or me?” Sally joked. “Coffee and tea, please!”

With a deadly glance Junelle looked into Sally’s eyes: “Of course you’ll get tea and coffee…”

“Ain’t she sweet”, Penelope sang in a low voice. “What a bitch! She simply ignored your sexy joke.”

“Opium”, Sally said. “Her perfume is Opium from Yves Saint Laurent. Many elder housewives use it. And whores. ”

“She is no elder housewife”, Pen grinned. “Let me flirt with her when she brings tea and coffee.”

“What do you recommend for breakfast”, Penelope asked when the maid returned and she stretched her breast. “I need something… sweet… juicy… delicious which melts between my lips…”

A little scar above her left eyelid became visible when Junelle raised her eyebrow: “Try strawberry”, the maid replied in a cool voice.

“Strawberries in whole pieces? Mmmhh.. I love to suck then”, Pen added and licked her lips.

“Take care not to swallow”, Junelle replied and returned to the kitchen.

“What a bitch!” Pen grumbled. “She even did not look at my tits!”

“Don’t be such a grumpy”, Sally grinned and put some sugar into her coffee. She took the little milk jug and placed it on the neighbouring table.

Next time Junelle was in sight Sally winked at her. “So sorry, I got no milk… perhaps you can help me…?”

“I got no milk either. Perhaps you marry a rich guy and get some children. But if you asked me for milk for your coffee then I will be able to help you.”

“Do we have ropes and cuffs? Big strapons and gag-balls? A whip?” Sally groaned grinding her teeth when the maid disappeared.

“Don’t be such a grumpy”, Pen casually replied and yawned widely almost bursting her blouse. “You can fuck her in a few hours….”

Junelle returned, a milk-jug in her hand. Sally noticed, the maid did not wear a ring… her long brunette hairs touched Sally’s hand as the maid bend over and put the milk on the table. The red haired girl could not resist but to take a long view at Junelle’s cleavage. Pen at the same time was admiring her bum.

“Is there anything more I can do for you”, Junelle sarcastically asked in a low voice while both of her hands were resting on the table. Sally now had a perfect view at her tits but she did not look at them. Instead the redhead looked into the bitchy maid’s eyes… a long view with eyes cold as ice and Sally replied in a firm voice: “I don’t think we need your services any longer. Please do not forget to make our beds.”

The maid slowly turned around and walked away. Two steps away from the table she stopped and she lifted the backside of her skirt with her hand a bit like she was saying: kiss my ass, bitch! Then she continued her way to the kitchen.

“Awwww….”, Penelope whispered. “Now you made her really hot!”
“Indeed. Nothing turns on a long cool woman like another long cool woman that tells her what to do or not. Now she really is into us even she does not now. Not yet…”, Sally added with a devilish smile.

After a few cereals with fruits both went out for a walk. “We must be back at 10.30h the latest”, the redhead said. “At this time she cleans the 8th floor. Her shift will be over at 11.00h and nobody misses her if we play with her in our room.”

“Well, 10.30h might be too early, Sally….”

“No, the maid is angry because I treated her like a slut and because she is angry she will work faster in order to reach our room. I am sure she hopes to see us because she can’t await to see us. She wants to settle some outstanding bills before she has one day off as per time-table. At least I would act this way.”

“What a devious plot!” Pen grinned. “Perhaps we should now go back to the hotel and have a shower before the maid in her tight fitting uniform visits us…”

Junelle took her mobile and switched it on. Damn, 10.15h already and 5 more rooms to clean! No, just 3 – rooms 809 and 810 were empty, so room 808 would be the last one to clean before her shift ended. She had no plans for today and tomorrow was time enough to do the laundry and the household. She kicked a paper-basket because she still was angry about the two women in the breakfast-area this morning. What did make her so angry? Because these bitches were having fun and she does not? Oh, how this fucking bra was pinching! But she had to wear a bra during work! Hmmm.. Junelle wondered her nipples were a little swollen when she recalled the situation during the breakfast… Oh, these bitches, the busty bitch and the red haired bitch!

“Shit” Junelle hissed as she noticed her panties were a little damp….

She hurried up to clean room 807….

In room 808 Sally chew a gum and Pen was drumming with her fingers impatiently on the small table. Then someone knocked against the door: “Room service!” and the door opened. There she stood in her tight fitting maids dress… a black with white trim French maid dress with skirt above knee length, long black stockings and black heels. Junelle wondered she was so excited but in a firm voice she said: “Don’t mind me, ladies, I will disappear right away.”

Sally got up. She took her mobile-phone and stuck the chewing-gum against the phone and fixed it next to the electronic door-lock.

“What is the meaning of this?” Junelle wondered while she bent over the large bed in order to change linen.

“Oh, nothing”, Sally grinned. “I just do not like that everyone can come into our room whenever she likes. The mobile disturbs the integrated circuit of the electronic door-lock…”

“Am… am I kidnapped or what?” the maid hissed.

“Is she kidnapped, Sally?” Penelope asked with an innocent smile.

“No, not from a legal point of view. Only if we carry her away. But we’ll stay here.”

“No, you are not kidnapped”, Pen replied and she pushed her bum against Junelle’s bum. The maid fall on the bed. Immediately Pen was kneeling at her left and Sally at her right side.

Junelle struggled with her legs. “What are you doing, you fucking bitches?” she screamed as the girls hold her arms. She began to struggle with her legs when Penelope fondled her ass… “Stop that, you busty whore or I’ll scream for help!” the maid shouted and Pen stroke her ass a few times.

“Tsssskkk… you are a bad, bad girl… Sally, must we gag her?”

“Not really. She better save up her energy for later. On 10.15h the sightseeing tour started and there is nobody on this floor. Oh, her face is red, perhaps she cannot breathe! Oh, sweetie, your bra must be too thigh…. I will help you….”

The maid struggled harder when Sally pulled her at her back. Now Pen hold her arms and the redhead slowly unbuttoned her blouse while she looked deep into Junelle’s eyes. Then she touched her breast… she pulled out Junelle’s breast of the cups of the bra… such wonderful tits! Now Sally’s mouth approached Junelle’s tits and the maid felt somehow aroused, her juices started to flow since these sexy women were obviously trying to ravish her!

“No, stop that!” the maid gasped. “You violate me! Soon someone will come and look after me if the dirty laundry is not sent to the cellar!”

Sally stopped. Her lips were already touching Junelle’s nipples. She got up, took a towel which lay on the floor and she went to the door. She put the towel into the little laundry trolley in the hotel floor and run the trolley into the lift. Then she pushed the button for the basement. When she entered room 808 she saw her wife… naked, pulling up the maid’s skirt. Pen moaned as she rubbed her wet crotch against Junelle who tried to scratch her. Sally sat down on the bed aside Junelle and grabbed her hands firmly. Then the continued where she stopped. As Sally mouth inhaled her nipples one by one, the struggling maid was helpless when Pen hold her legs and with her teeth she pulled down her panties… then Penelope licked and kissed her inner thigh… her mouth went upwards to her wet crotch… and Penelope pushed her tongue deep into Junelle’s pussy while Sally sucked her nipples and rubbed them between her skilful fingers…. A loud, desperate scream which ended in long, deep moaning… Penelope’s tongue flickered at the maid’s clitty, Sally now was riding her face, pulling the maid’s hairs as she enjoyed the stretched tongue of the helpless maid. Penelope was hungry, very hungry and she could not stop eating the poor maid’s pussy and she did not stop when the girl did cum for the first time… and then she tribbed the exhausted girl until her juices melted.

Sally pushed Junelle’s mouth against her quivering pussy… enlarging her wonderful orgasm. Then she lay down next to her.

“You… you greedy bitchy bastards! You ravished me!”

Junelle was breathing hard, her face was covered with sweat and juices.

“Tsssss… she is such an ungrateful whorish tart, isn’t she, Pen? And she is soaked. Perhaps this dirty girl needs a hot shower!”

“Indeed her mouth and her pussy are soaked! Now who is the whore, ey? Now come under the shower, hussy!” Pen groaned and took the maid’s arms.

“I will not go under your fucking shower, you busty rapist!” the maid screamed as she pulled back her arm. “Hey! What’s the fuck….?”

A soft ‘click’ confirmed that her hands were cuffed behind her back. Sally put the key on the night-table, then she grabbed Junelle’s hairs and deep kissed her. “You really smell like cum, little whore. You need a shower….” The maid just opened her mouth to protest and began to struggle when the redhead pushed her tongue deep into her open mouth and French kissed her for several minutes. Then Sally pulled her arms around her… her fingers tickled Junelle’s back and she kissed her breast. Junelle moaned and stopped to struggle when the redhead took the nipples between her lips and sucked gently for another several minutes while her fingertips gently fondled Junelle’s body… with her hands cuffed behind the back the girl could not do anything but moan and enjoy this soft treatment. She did not resist but willingly opened her mouth when Sally deep kissed her once more and her tongue responded to Sally’s. Pen’s finger disappeared in the same moment in Junelle’s pussy….

Half an hour later the sexy maid was brought to the shower almost without any resistance, just quietly whispering: “No shower… oh…. kiss me, bitch!”

Penelope had a strapon fixed at her hips when she overtook Sally’s job and intensively cared for Junelle’s breast. Sally made the maid spread her legs and With the handhold she showered her pussy. Junelle protested again but soon the thin jets of warm water turned her protest into moaning… “What are you… doing… oh… you greedy whores!”

“She talks a lot, does she, Sally?”

“Indeed. Its time to stop that and give her something to do….” Sally nodded as she sat on the edge of the large tub. She pulled Junelle’s hairs and made her bend over… to her crotch. The redhead pushed Junelle’s face against her pussy: “Now you are my licking whore, sweetie. Show me you are a good whore and make me cum!”

Junelle wanted to refuse to lick… she never licked a girl before! Sally stroke her hairs. “Come on, sweetie… do the same to me Penelope did to you…” The maid hesitated… she once had sex with a girl but that was fingering only! She remembered that night… She was a little drunken when after a party she was on her way home with her friend Tanja. “How about an ‘Absacker’ – one for the road?” Tanja asked when they reached her apartment. Junelle agreed to a nightcap and so the girls sat and talked and drunk.

“My friend is such a rough bastard when we have sex”, Tanja complained. “When I ask him to touch my clit he rubs like an idiot!” Just demonstrating her words Tanja rubbed Junelle’s crotch roughly. “No woman likes this!” she laughed. “Indeed”, Junelle confirmed and smiled. “Must be like this, right?” She gently rubbed Tanja’s crotch…

“Yeah, good, baby”, Tanja confirmed, “but usually I never wear a jeans when we had sex!”

What will happen will happen and so it came that both girls took off their jeans and started over, sipping Prosecco and showing each other how to rub their clits the right way… “Oh, you bitch!” Junelle moaned as Tanja’s fingers slide into her…. and Junelle did the same. Soon both girls were finger-fucking each other…

Next morning she had a hangover and Junelle and Tanja never met again. Now this redhead pushed her face against this wonderful pussy… a trimmed pussy, wonderful pussy-lips, just perfect. Slowly the maid kissed them… careful and soft. Then she kissed once more… and again while she was breathing hard. Penelope was fingering her… Penelope was rubbing her nipples… Penelope’s rubber-cock slapped against her ass… Penelope spread her legs…. Junelle stretched her tongue and licked Sally’s clit…. and the redhead tousled her hairs. Junelle felt how Penelope pushed her big breast against her back… and then…. oh, what was that busty whore doing? Junelle screamed into Sally’s pussy when the big strapon penetrated her vagina.

“Oh… OOOOOH NOOOOO! Oohhhhhhhh……”, Junelle moaned and struggled. No chance to escape, her hands were cuffed and now these hot women had their way with her! Slowly the rubber-cock slide into her… then out…. and again into her. Penelope slowly increased the speed when she fucked the screaming maid. With her greedy fingers she massaged her breast, she pinched her nipples and rubbed them and she pushed the rubber-cock deeper and deeper, faster and faster into the maid.

“Ohhh…. AWWWWWWW!”

“Lick, don’t talk!” Sally hissed and pulled Junelle’s hairs harder in order to make her satisfy her. The redhead thrusted her pussy against the mouth of the gasping maid. She grabbed her hairs and rubbed Junelle’s mouth against her wet slit… and Junelle’s tongue flickered, in between she moaned loud and then again licked the redhead and fucked her with her tongue.

Half an hour later the maid again lay on her back in the large bed. Now Penelope was riding her face and Sally fucked her with a strapon. Simultaneously Sally fondled Pen’s breast and soon the maid’s face was soaked from Pen’s juices which did not seem to stop flowing.

The sun already was on her way to kiss the horizon when the maid was fucked in doggy-style. Penelope was in front of her and pushed the huge play-cock into Junelle’s mouth. “Yesss…. you are a good whore, my sexy maid, no go and take this cock!” So the girl did with incredible lust while Pen slapped her tits. Sally was fucking her from behind using a flexible double-dildo. The redhead pumped up both of their pussies as she dug her fingernails deep into the maid’s butt cheeks…

“Wow! I am glad this was not my cock”, Penelope laughed as she noticed the deep bite marks Junelle’s teeth left on the strapon. She touched the girl’s head which lay between her giant breasts. Sally lay on Junelle’s back, fondling her, still slowly rubbing her pussy against the maid’s buttock, enlarging her latest orgasm. Indeed the poor maid needed a break after she satisfied Pen and Sally uncountable times.

The other day Pen and Sally were late for breakfast. Today was the last day they had booked a room. Most probably they would meet Junelle the next morning, when the had a breakfast before leaving.

“Too bad”, Penelope sighed.

“Indeed”, Sally confirmed. “There will be no time to have goodbye-cuddle because we must leave the room at 10.00h….”

“Oh, oh!” Penelope noticed the hotel-manager was approaching them.

“Is everything fine?” He started and Sally nodded. “Sure…”

“Er… one of my employees pointed out to me there were… er…. problems which concerned you…”

The manager swallowed and tried not to look at Penelope’s tits. Then he continued while Sally sipped from her coffee and Penelope tried to balance a strawberry with a spoon. “Especially regarding what happened in room 810 yesterday.”

The redhead was busy to put some sugar into her coffee-cup while Penelope watched the traffic outside.

“Well, of course the hotel management feels sorry about what happened. It must have been bothering you a lot, such a noise and then the police operation…!”

“I… I was molested by a naked man!” Pen sobbed. “It was horrible! I was so confused!”

“Indeed”, Sally added. “It took me many hours to calm her down!”

“I feel so sorry, my Ladies, so very sorry. Things like that never happened before in this hotel. Therefore the management and the staff will be happy if you will stay two more days at our expense!”

“All is free of charge? Also the message salon and the sauna?”

“Of course, Madam!”

“Ok”, Sally replied and with a light smile on her lips she added: “We accept your apologize if you change booking to room 810, if you don’t mind. The view from that room simply is better…”

“Of course Madam, this will be no problem. Room 810 will be ready at 11.00h for you. Have a pleasant stay!” After a light bow the hotel-manager walked away.

“One of his employees?” Sally pondered. “I wonder which one….”

“The one we fucked of course!” Penelope exclaimed and with a gargling sound a matron next to her at the neighbouring table swallowed her tea.

“I am not sure it was Junelle. Of course she could have phoned her boss, but there is also that blonde receptionist, a sweet little hussy. However, we must find out. I have a plan….”

Written for Penelope by Sally K., November 2015

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