Mrs Kendall’s Fitness Studio

“Come on, Sally, you will like it. At least it’s nice to lose some weight.”

The red-haired woman was not very much pleased about going into this club. ‘Mrs Kendall’s Fitness Studio’ a big sign said. Penelope took her by the hand and they stood in front of a small counter. A sweet blonde girl was sitting there, obviously she could give some information such as where the locker room was and where the training started. Penelope walked to the counter and her boobs were almost laying on the desk in front of the blonde girl who was starring at the tits in front of her, and then at the red-haired woman.

“Hi”, she said with a smile. “My name is Michelle… How can I help you?”

She looked into Sally’s eyes and smiled. Obviously she Scottish woman seemed to interest her. Penelope was smiling when she noticed Michelle’s lovingly smile at Sally, so she bend over giving Michelle a better view at her delicious cleavage and purred: “She is nice, isn’t she? Her name is Sally. So can you little darling tell me where to find Mrs Kendall?”

“Oh… nice tit… er… nice name”, Michelle stuttered, she blushed, but then she looked into Pen’s dark, mild eyes. “Er, Mrs Kendall should be in the locker room still, preparing for the next gymnastically exercise…” She showed at a sign at the end of the floor.

“Gymnastically exercise?”, Sally protested, “C’mon Pen, let me wait here while you do that shit!”

“Oh, yes, Pen”, Michelle said, “she can wait here with me…..”

“No”, the busty woman answered with a firm voice, “at least this red-haired vixen must see how the training works since we already paid for today!”

She bend further over the counter with her face close to the blonde girl, purring:

“You and your pussy will have to wait…” Then Penelope takes Sally’s hand and both women walk down the floor.

“Does that mean I can have her after training?” Michelle’s voice comes from the background.

Sally and Pen were laughing when they walk into the locker room. They immediately stopped laughing when they see a tall woman, in perfect shape, short blonde hairs, Swedish style and perfect big tits. She is naked, a towel only around her shoulders.

“Awwwww… Mrs Starbride and Mrs Black Diamond!” she welcomes Sally and Pen. “Well, get your light sports clothes, ladies!”

Penelope immediately pulls off her thigh jeans and her blouse while Mrs Kendall watches her with gloomy eyes. The dark-haired woman notices that the busty blonde trainer was watching every move she did. So lasciviously Pen takes off her bra, replacing it by a jogging-bra. Sally smiles when she notices that Mrs Kendall is helping Penelope to fix the bra… touching her wife more often than really necessary. The black-haired woman enjoys Mrs Kendall’s gentle fingers and when both women turn around, their breasts touch each others. For a short moment their nipples get contact….

“Now spread your legs!” Mrs Kendall shouts when Penelope, Sally and two other women are standing in a small hall. “Watch yourself in the big mirror to the left!”

“I don’t need to hang around here to spread my legs and look into a mirror. I can do that easily at home with more pleasure”, the red-haired woman growled while exercise starts. She presses her lips firmly together when she watches again sexy Mrs Kendall touching Penelope’s ass.

“… turn around, stamp with your feet…”, a quarter hour later Mrs Kendall instructs the women when Sally suddenly is shouting loud, holding her thigh.

“Aww… Mrs Kendall, I think I am hurt….”

Immediately the blonde women is kneeling down aside Sally, touching and massaging her thigh while Sally pokes with her tongue at Penelope. “Awww…. Mrs Kendall… it hurts so much…. I need a tender massage.”

“Well, you better stop for today, Sally”, the busty trainer said, “I am so sorry. Penelope, my dear, will you help her? I will come back and look after you in half an hour later when this session here is finished!”

“Vixen, I say, sneaky girl”, Penelope snarled while she helps her red-haired wife to walk out of the hall. They leave the door to the right, opposite to the big mirror and the dark-haired women shuts the door firmly. Inside this room is a large mattress in front of another door that leads to the locker room. At the wall there is another big mirror, behind that mirror must be the hall.

“Ohhhh… Penelope, darling-wife, you should not talk to a poor victim of hard exercise… you better be nice to me, perhaps I need your comfort now!”

Before Penelope can even answer, the Scottish girl embraces her and deeply French-kisses her. Her tongue twirls in Pens mouth while her hands tenderly touch her breast… Her finger are sliding into her bra, then her tender hands cup both of her breast. Pen deeply moans and she claws her fingers into Sally’s ass when she feels her nipples getting rubbed softly, lovingly. Sally’s tongue dances with Pens, while she rubs the dark-haired woman’s nipples between her fingers, making her stiff and the busty woman sob…

“Who is sneaky, Pen?” Sally purrs while she treats Penelope’s breast lovingly. She quickly opens the jogging-bra and now looks at Penelope’s erected nipples. Slowly her lips approach Pen’s stiff nipples. “It was not my ass that was touched all the time by that short-haired vixen….” Then Sally starts sucking the busty woman’s nipples, Pen’s head leans back, moaning, while the Scottish girl tears down her panties, touching her womanhood. Sally’s hand start massaging her, her greedy fingers are touching her pussy lips, finding the juicy split while she deeply sucks Pen’s nipples one after another.

“Next time she exercises you… and I have to watch how she straps you…”, Sally growled in a guttural fashion.

“Oh… Sally….. Oh….” The busty woman is like wax in Sally’s arms, she moans and sobs while Sally’s fingers and lips seem to be everywhere.

Penelope is helpless against Sally’s tricks… indeed she was already a little aroused from being touched from her well shaped, lusty trainer. Now her tits get served one after another, Sally’s tongue, her lips and her mouth seem to be everywhere… at her left tit, deeply sucking her erected nipples into her warm mouth, her tongue twirling around, twisting, pushing then nibbling and rubbing Pen’s nipples between her lips. Then the red-haired devil continues with Penelope’s right tit, again deeply sucking her hard nipples, biting softly, then pushing with her tongue, twirling around her rosy bud, rubbing the stiff bud with her lips and then sucking her deep again into her mouth. Her other hand serves the moaning, dark-haired woman’s other breast most lovingly, rubbing her nipple between her fingers, tickling her nipple, cup her breast, caressing her tit over and over again.

Sally other hand explores her wife’s grotto of lust, her fingers twirl in the hot, juicy split until her hand is wet all over. Then she starts with her lubricated fingers to gently rub Pen’s clitty… “I am so sorry, my sweet Pen that your friend Mrs Kendall cannot watch us. She will be here in 30 minutes but until then I will make you cum so often that no other woman interests you!”

Penelope tries to answer but all she can do is clawing Sally’s back with her fingernails… she is moaning and sobbing loud when Sally starts pushing and pulling her fingers deep into her.

The Scottish girl was completely wrong. She had no idea what was going on on the other side of the mirror. Indeed none of them noticed from the hall that this store room was to be seen from the hall. Yes, there was a mirror between the store room and the hall… a transparent mirror! A one-way-mirror!

Mrs Kendall face does not move even she was breathing heavy. She was watching a red-haired woman who was holding a naked dark-haired woman… her fingers were fucking her… deeply again and again while she was sucking her tits. Mrs Kendall was feeling that her body was shivering a little and a warm feeling was going through her body, starting from her pelvis.

“Oh my God, Mrs Kendall! What is she doing with that poor woman? You must stop this! She hurts that poor dark-haired woman!” Mrs Garland was completely upset.

The short haired blonde busty woman fascinated stared at the one-way-mirror, in a distance she heard the voices of the chattering, hysterical women. Slowly she turned around.

“The training is over for today! Please leave the hall and go home, I shall take care and stop this!”

Immediately Mrs Garland and the other woman disappeared and Mrs Kendall slowly walked closer to the one-way-mirror… licking her lips. Finally she stood closed to the mirror, leaning with her head against it, touching her womanhood with one hand… caressing her breast with the other one. Soon she started to moan, pushing her own tits and her pussy harder…

She was watching Sally… now riding at Penelope’s left tit. It seemed that the busty woman’s long, stiff nipples was sliding in and out Sally’s cunt… yes, the redhead was riding Penelope’s tit… her nipples were fucking her…

Mrs Kendall’s finger were sliding into her tight panties… finding her wet split… warm and juicy and she closed her eyes for a second when she started to push and pull her fingers into her cunt, masturbating while she was watching Sally, who got fucked by Penelope’s nipples…

“Mrs Kendall! Why do Mrs Garland and Mrs…….. Oooops!”

Michelle stopped in the middle of the training-hall, holding her hand against her mouth. What was going on here? The sweet blonde girl turned around, she wanted to leave but then… she saw Sally riding on the black-haired woman’s tit… Penelope was fingering her buttocks… in front of Mrs Kendall. Michelle’s eyes were wide open… Mrs Kendall, that tough, strong woman! Michelle was sure that that woman never had sex, even she had a perfect body! Now she was leaning with her face against the transparent wall, watching that couple… masturbating and moaning!

In this moment Sally climaxed hard and Mrs Kendall cum in the same moment when the red-haired woman leaned back, kneading her own breast, her mouth was wide open and her eyelids were shut… she was shaking hard, then suddenly she stops… another hard shake and she sat on Penelope’s breast… eyes close and breathing hard. The busty woman seized her while she still was cuming and started to lick her vibrating pussy. Sally seems to collapse and Michelle could see that the dark-haired woman’s tongue was trying to enter Sally’s ass whole… but the Scottish girl started to struggle. Pen was holding her firmly and tried again to fuck her with her anally with her tongue even Sally tried to escape.

“We must help Sally, Mrs Kendall!” Michelle screamed and stepped aside her boss. Now she saw that the busty, short haired woman just recovered from a hard orgasm… her eyes were flickering and she was breathing heavy. Well, obviously this tough, strong woman seems to enjoy sex!

“Come here, little bitch, come here!” Mrs Kendall gasped in a deep voice.

“Er… Mrs Kendall… I better go back to my working place….”

“You come here, your little slutty baby-assistant, I need you….”

With gloomy eyes Mrs Kendall turned around and stepped between Michelle and the entrance door to her office. Michelle could see that her panties were wet… and her hairs are tousled… Oh, no! Her boss was going to rape her! The blonde girl tried to reach the entrance girl but horny Mrs Kendall nearly seized her arm, Michelle turned around… then she run straight into the store where Penelope was trying to fuck Sally’s ass.

Penelope stops trying to penetrate Sally and the redhead escapes… Michelle stops in front of the women and next moment Mrs Kendall bounces against the blonde girl when she enters the room. Mrs Kendall tries to grab Michelle but with a shriek she escapes, then she stumbles over Penelope’s spread legs and falls down… at Sally. Mrs Kendall stares with a horny glim in her eyes at her blonde assistant, then she looks at Pen…. the dark-haired woman’s legs are spread and her pussy is glistering. The busty, blonde trainer kneels down immediately and starts to kiss Penelope’s thigh, testing her willingness. Soon her tongue slides up and down Pen’s inner thigh moving up further to her pussy lips. Mrs Kendall spreads Penelope’s pussy lips and pushes her tongue deeper into her, making her moan, leaning her headback and her hands start to rub Mrs Kendall’s boobs….

Michelle is laying at Sally, who is most horny after the treatment of her dark-hared wife… she grabs the blonde girl and pulls her against her desiring body… one hand seizes Michelle’s head pushing her lips against her’s… then Sally’s tongue slides deep into the girls mouth, twirling, dancing with her tongue. With her other hand Sally reaches for Michelle’s cunt, massaging her. Now Sally’s legs clasp Michelle’s body, pulling her body closer against her’s… then she starts rubbing her pussy at the blonde girls pussy while her fingers tickle her cheeks. Sally watches Pen sobbing and moaning while the short-haired blonde trainer is eating her cunt…. Penelope is most randy, scratching the woman’s back with her long fingernails while Mrs Kendall’s fingers slide into her own split…. she get wilder and wilder, masturbating while she sucks and licks the dark-haired woman’s vibrating cunt… her big boobs are shaking up and down…

Suddenly the blonde, tough trainer screams into Penelope’s cunt when she cums over and over again, she is ramming her finger into her own pussy while her body is shivering…. Sally’s body seems to explodes watching this wonderful moment… she pulls around Michelle and pushes her at her back. Then the red-haired woman sits down at Michelle’s face while she clasps the girl’s arms with her legs… then Sally starts riding her face. She moves her pelvis forward and backward, up and down, she grabs the blonde girls hand with both hands while she fucks her mouth-cunt with her juicy pussy. All Michelle can do is do poke her tongue out as far as possible pushing deep into Sally’s grot. She rides Michelle’s face over and over again while she watches Pen getting eaten by Mrs Kendall, which is screaming constantly… cuming over and over again. Obviously this strong and tough woman had no sex for decades, Sally thinks, then she cums hard into Michelle’s mouth…

Meanwhile Penelope and Mrs Kendall changed into 69-position and the blonde trainer is screaming loud when Pen tongue-fucks her moistened cunt while the dark-haired, busty woman is pushing her finger deep into Mrs Kendall’s ass. First she gets ass-fucked with one finger… then two fingers which make her lust grow further. Penelope’s head leans back, still finger fucking Mrs Kendall’s ass-whole when she cums… moaning and sobbing, her mouth wide open and a deep roar comes out of her throat… But Mrs Kendall does not stop, she start to suck Penelope’s clit, twirling her tongue around her and soon Pen starts to moan louder, begging for another orgasm…

Lovingly Michelle cleans Sally’s cunt while the redhead is still shivering, breathing hard. Thankfully Sally tousles the blonde girls hair, then, after a few minutes she slowly gets up and kneels aside Michelle, who still lays on her back. Then Sally seizes Michelle’s hair with one hand and starts to French kiss the blonde girl deeply, her other hand goes to the girls womanhood… massaging her over and over again. Their tongues melt while Sally tastes her own cum in Michelle’s mouth… then the blonde girl moans and sobs loud when Sally’s fingers slide deep into her. First slowly, then with increasing speed Michelle gets finger fucked… her body is shaking while she scream into Sally’s mouth, her hands are kneading the Scottish girls wonderful tits. Deeper and deeper Sally’s hand slides into Michelle’s cunt and louder and louder the blonde girls screams….

In the same moment Penelope’s screams fill the air when she get fisted by Mrs Kendall. The busty dark-haired woman is laying on her back… her enormous boobs get sucked by the blonde trainer, her nipples pop up straight against the ceiling of the room and Mrs Kendall sucks them one after another while she fists Pen, pushing and pulling her fist deep into her cunt…. her other hand is caressing and rubbing Penelope’s tits, pinching her nipples, kneading her boobs gently and then sucking her tits almost deep into her throat. The black-haired woman is still shaking from one orgasm when she reaches the next… and Mrs Kendal intensifies her efforts. She stops caressing the woman’s tits and carefully pushes her finger into Penelope’s ass… still fisting her with the other hand.

Meanwhile Michelle screams and begs for more and Sally gets up. The red-haired woman has seen something of interest in the corner of the room, so she gets up and returns after a few seconds with an aerobic body bar in her hands, indeed a big seized… Michelle’s eyes widen when she sees Sally returning with the huge aerobic body bar in her hand, like a monster dildo. Then the red-haired woman lays down aside her, holding the aerobic body bar against her lips… Michelle does not hesitate and starts licking that big stick. It is too big for her mouth, so Sally helps her and both start licking the huge bar from each side. After the huge aerobic cock is duly lubricated, the Scottish girl opens Michelle’s pussy lips and pushes the monstrously aerobic body bar slowly but deep into Michelle’s wide open pussy….

Penelope gets fisted and ass-fucked by Mrs Kendall until she collapses in a gigantic orgasm and her body is shivering and shaking for minutes, while she is moaning and screaming. Slowly the tough trainer stops penetrating her and just in the moment she starts to lick the dark-haired woman’s pussy, both woman stop when they hear Michelle’s heartbreaking sobbing and moaning. Pen and the busty trainer watch Sally inserting an enormous wooden cock into Michelle’s cunt… slowly, while Sally is licking and pushing the blonde girls clitty…. then deeper… making the girl spread her legs even wider while she is clenching her fists… her eyelids are wide open and her lips are pressed against each other. Then the redhead starts to push and pull the enormous body bar deep in and out the girl’s cunt.

Mrs Kendall’s mouth is opened wide when she sees her assistant getting fucked by such a huge stick… she immediately gets up and starts to kiss and lick Michelle’s tits, her tongue twirls lovingly around her rosy buds, pushing her lasciviously, making her nipples pop up further… then she sucks the girl’s nipples deep and passionately one after an other. Penelope, still exhausted after a hard orgasm, gets aroused immediately and gets up… carefully she sits down behind Michelle’s head… putting the blonde girls head on her lap. Then Pen slowly bends over and greedily Michelle starts to suck Penelope erected nipples. The blonde girl’s body trembles while Sally pushes and pulls the big wooden aerobic body bar deeper and deeper into her lover’s cunt, almost reaching her uterus. Michelle’s screams into Penelope’s chest when she gets fucked harder and harder from minute to minute, her tits get massaged and her nipples sucked deeply by her boss.

In the small store room now Michelle gets handled by three woman for many, many minutes. Penelope now is riding her face, Mrs Kendall is sucking her nipples and Sally is fucking her deep with a huge wooden cock while she licks her clitty… Michelle’s body is shaking over and over again, spasms, involuntary contraction of her muscles, she cums over and over again, served by three wonderful women.

From the other side of the mirror the afternoon-aerobic group is watching the scenery. Mrs Davenport and a few elder women of her neighbourhood enjoy their first orgasm since almost a few decades…. they watch the blonde girl cuming over and over again, they watch the three woman kiss and hug her tenderly after she got served with a big huge stick….

The rain just starts to fall again when two women are leaving Mrs Kendall’s Fitness Studio.

“I have invited Michelle for the weekend”, Penelope smiles. “Mrs Kendall has no time, she is thinking about restructuring her business…”

“Oh, I feel sorry to hear that, Pen. I just started to like aerobic and fitness studios…”

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