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Announcement: The Ravage of A Hotel Maid – Room 808

Published October 31, 2015 by Sally

Penelope’s fantasy always was the seduction and ravishment of a sexy hotel maid. A sexy maid who comes to tidy our room and who may fall prey to our sexual desires.

So my problem was: “How do we get this sexy bitch in bed?”

So I booked a lushly room (no. 808) in a good hotel. And there she was: Eyes cold as ice, touch and a body that made Penelope drool and her juices flow. And so her tight fitting uniform begged to be ripped from her curvaceous body…

Cumming soon…. the adventures of Penelope and Sally in hotel room 808…

… and Junelle, the tough hotel-maid who serves level 8 of the hotel and of course room 808…..

So let me complete the story… a few minor correction only before this story will be published!

Sally K.


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