Time for a Change!

Published August 20, 2015 by Sally

Just one more week and I will be back in my remote cottage, also called the ‘Lovenest’ πŸ˜‰

But just before I leave I will clean up some mess. There have been created so many blogs in the past years – in times when people really were reading blogs and commented them – so I really do not have the time to care for all of them. This one I will keep.

What has become to our society? We have had a wonderful community and we had time for each other. Obviously the older we get the less time we have. Ok, so it is time for a change. We should concentrate on a few things only and we should really care of them. It makes no sense to jump from Facebook to Tagged and then to Instagram or Twitter and then back, in order not to miss anything. That’s stupid. I talked to a few people in the past weeks who refused to have aΒ  smartphone or a tablet. I am no friend of smartphones either because they are good for clicking and ‘likes’ and short message but they are not good for transmitting real content. Smartphones are a superficial thing and often so are their users. Often these phones are smarter than their user.

So many good ol’ friend have a smartphone and because I refuse to send small mails we lost contact. Too bad. Really? Is it? I don’t think so. Soon I will be in my remote cottage and read my emails once a day and I will not miss anything. Really.

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