The Postcard Girl and the Magic Pixy Dust (Happy Christmas, my wife)

Published July 30, 2015 by penelopekirtomy
Oh, cool, Pen! This story was left as a draft since many months *giggle* – time to publish this story!
December, a cold wind blew. Since an hour the snow was falling down and it covered the landscape with a white linen. Everything looked so peaceful, so wonderful and quiet. It was really not a good idea to save the money for the last bus to get home… she shivered. The snow turned into rain which was not unusual. ‘Oh no!’ she thought. Now her clothes got wet and the sun already was going down. The night came and soon it would be pretty cold. Tears were running down her cheeks and she walked faster, just to keep herself a little warm. Meanwhile she passed Strathy Forest and many old tales she remembered… About unicorns which people reported were in this forest. But the snow started to fall and she could no see anything. At least the rain had stopped and she hoped to reach the street soon… maybe someone would give her a lift to Bettyhill, maybe she could find a cheap Bed and Breakfast. She did not notice the little fairy behind her. Not only because the fairy was smaller than a sparrow, primarily because the fairy flew behind her… wondering if the busty girl was lost. The fairy noticed how sad Penelope was, how she was shivering because of the cold. She flew close to the girl and blew something against her… something that might help her to make it through the night. The fairy was not much experienced, very young and she was not sure if her spell was done correctly when she blew some Magic Pixy Dust at Penelope. So she followed the girl, watching every step and much to her relief Penelope started to whistle and yes, she was no longer shivering so hard. The little fairy smiled and turned around as Penelope reached the street…
“Oh, good”, the girl talked to herself. “I will soon reach a town and then find a B&B. It will cost me all my money but a warm bed… that is all I want, a warm room…”
But the road was long and it did not seem to end and no town was in sight. She passed a side-way and in a distance she noticed houses, light. Light! It was like the promise of warmth… perhaps some sensitive, faithful person would give her a bed for a night. Or at least a couch in a warm room. Maybe something warm to eat! She left the road and followed the sideways, winking her eyes because of the snow that was blowing right into her face. Her heard was beating strong as she approached a cottage… carefully she looked through the windows. Many people were in the house, laughing, drinking. She could hear them. Perhaps it was not a good idea to ask for a bed. Penelope passed another house. No lights were on… she started to shiver again but not because of the cold, it was because she was afraid there was no chance to find something.
Ten minutes later she reached another cottage and this time she knocked at the door. An elderly man opened and he stared at Penelope’s chest. She told him that she lost her way and needed a Bed and Breakfast, a bed for a night.
“Oh, of course, dear, he, he”, the man replied and a voice from the back ask: “Who is at the door, Finnley?”
An elderly woman appeared and she was obviously not please to see such a sexy girl talk to her husband.
“She needs a bed, Emily!”
Emily looked at Penelope, then at her husband. “I am sorry, we have no vacations! You should go to Bettyhill Hotel, bye!”
“Shit!” Penelope shouted in the dark when she continued to walk down the muddy road. It would be a few hours of walk to the hotel and perhaps she was frozen before she even saw Bettyhill. From the glimpse of her eyes she noticed another cottage, a little remote but this indeed was her last chance. Penelope watched the smoke coming out of the chimney…. it was like a promise of a warm room to her. She had no idea what to do and so she stood at the door of a cottage. Through the curtains to the right she saw a well equipped kitchen. The curtains to the left were closed and Penelope really had no idea who lived there. Carefully she knocked at the door….
“Sweetie, I was just on my way to bed, I had a horrible day. Please come back another time, ok?”
Penelope look at the red haired woman in front of her… she was beautiful but obviously she was not happy about being disturbed at this late hour.
“Please”, Penelope whimpered, “I…. it is so cold outside, I lost my way and…”
“Really! I wonder who runs around this late hour in order to make long walks!”
“M… my name is Penelope, I am lost and I look for a Bed and Breakfast…”
“Is this a fucking B&B? Ok, Penelope-I-am-lost, come in and wait in the hallway. I get my boots and a coat and drive you to Bettyhill. There you will find a B&B.”
“Oh, this is so… so nice of you…. er…. “, Penelope whispered thankfully. She moved back her hood and released her long, black hair for a moment.
“My name is …”, the redhead replied as she put on her red boots. She was about to take a fur lined coat from the wardrobe when she suddenly stopped. She looked at Penelope…. none of them knew that some Pixy Dust just flew down from Penelope’s hairs, straight down on the floor where the redhead sat while she put on her boots. “…Sally”, she continued and looked at that girl that stood in front of her…. What a wonderful girl that was! The redhead suddenly felt so romantic, so peaceful.
“You must feel so cold, Penelope”, Sally purred.
Pen nodded.
“Your feet must hurt from such a long walk…”
Pen nodded again.
“You must be tired and hungry….”
Once more Pen nodded in agreement.
“Perhaps it is too late to find a B&B…”
“MMMMMHHHH. And they are so expensive. They will cost me all my money”, Pen agreed and looked with eyes as shy as a deer at Sally. The redhead took off her boots and walked barefoot at Penelope….
“Take off your coat, my poor sweetheart”, Sally purred as she smiled at Pen. She helped the girl out of her coat and occasionally their breasts touched.
“Oh, you are really cold, you poor girl”, the redhead whispered and embraced Penelope, slowly she started to rub Penelope’s back with both of her hands. Penelope shivered harder, but not because of the cold… she felt stiff nipples dug into her breast while Sally’s rubbing hands made her feel so good, warm shivers run down her back.
“Mmmhh… I walked through the dark forest, freezing, hungry, wishing to find a warm place to stay….”
Sally tousled Penelope’s long hairs, she caressed her neck, her arms and while her warm hands slide down Penelope’s body to her hips she look at the dark-haired girl. Sally’s eyes became so mild and she pulled her arm around Pen’s hips.
“Sit down with me near the fireplace, I will bring you something to warm you up”, Sally said after Pen also took off her boots.
Pen loudly gasped with relieve when she sat down next to the fireplace, enjoying the warmth. Oh, this was so wonderful… she stretched her arms and her legs and looked into the fire…. soon her cheeks felt so hot and she saw a few cakes at the table.
“May I have a cake, Sally?”
“Take two or more, sweetheart!” a purring voice from the kitchen replied. Greedily Penelope shoved the cakes into her mouth, one after another…. and she shut her eyelids, enjoying this wonderful moment. The living room was small, but so comfortable. There was a spiral staircase going upstairs. Pen wondered where it was leading to. She turned her head around and looked out the window to the back of the cottage…. Snowflakes, so big and so many. It was impossible to see anything in the dark, everything was covered by a white blanket. It looked like a real snowstorm was going on. Pen touched the couch…. it felt like satin and she wondered if she was going to spend the night on this couch… perhaps the Landlady was going to fuck her? “Oh, sillly me”, Penelope chuckled. “Of course she is not interested in a poor tramp…”
“This will warm, you, my poor girl.” The ‘Landlady’ returned with a few sandwiches and a steaming hot cup and immediately Penelope took the cup with both hands. Oh, this was good… her still cold fingers enjoyed the hot cup and she carefully sipped the hot content…. and yes, if felt like fire running down to her stomach!
“This is a special Highland-drink, Penelope. People say it revitalized even frozen people.” The redhead laughed. “It is just hot red wine with Scotch.”
The red haired landlady sat down next to Penelope and the girl felt really fantastic. The fireplace to the right, the warm body of her hostess to the left and the hot drink warming her inside.
So they spend a while sitting and talking. In between Sally warmed up some chicken soup and after the dishes were cleaned both women sit again next to the fire…. and watched how the fire burned down. They sat closer together when it got colder in the room… elbows touching, thighs touching, goosebumps… so arousing.
“Its getting cold now and I should go to bed. Tomorrow I have to get up early. You will sleep upstairs as you are my…. er guest. I will sleep here on the couch. You can try one of my panties for the night because I am afraid my nighties won’t fit.”
Both girls started to giggle and while Sally’s hand was resting on Penelope’s upper leg she added: “But please have a shower first. I do not want a dirty girl in my clean bed…” Sally’s eyes winked at Pen.
“You are so nice to me”, the Postcard-girl replied. “I do not know if I can pay you for all this, I do not have much money.”
The  Magic Pixy Dust still made the tough redhead so romantic and aroused, she pulled her arms around the girl and her lips were inches from hers. She looked deep into Penelope’s eyes and whispered: “There may be other ways to pay me…. but now I will show you the bath-room… It looks to me you are still a little tipsy from the special drink, so I better care you do not fall or slip over soap!”Again both women laughed and Penelope enjoyed Sally’s hands at her hips…. and at her bum when the redhead carefully push Penelope into the small bathroom. Indeed it was small but decorated tastefully. Penelope noticed a greedy glistering in Sally’s eyes as she undressed her… and Sally herself noticed how hard she began to breathe…. this Postcard-girl made her hot. Indeed the landlady had no sex for a while and she did not miss anything, but now…. hard nipples and wet inner thigh, this was definitely because of Pen, who now was naked, shyly covering her boobs. The redhead turned on the water and undressed herself, too. Pen forgot to close her mouth when Sally bend over… exposing her bum…. her pussy-lips.  Then Sally turned around and had 2 bathing caps in her hand. Then they helped each other to hide their hairs in the caps and without her long dark hairs Penelope’s boobs dramatically attracted the redhead, she could not get her eyes of them…. Slowly Sally started to soap Penelope and Penelope’s legs became weak. From time to time Sally touched Pen’s breast, her bum, her pussy which confused the Postcard-girl extremely. Indeed the redhead was wishing she could fuck this girl right under the shower and then have her way on the table in the living-room and then pulling her into her bed. But Penelope was her guest, the landlady tried to recall. She wondered why she was so attracted by Penelope, why her heart was beating so strong. Such never happened before…. From time to time unconsciously the redhead rubbed her crotch against Penelope’s thigh, just when she was towelling her boobs. While Sally felt so hot, Penelope felt like putty and her hands. And Penelope’s desires grew… slowly she wiggled her behind, she stretched her breast and like accidentally touched the redhead. She wanted to embrace her hostess, kiss her, feel her, squeeze her sexy ass and fondle her breast. There were signs…. but what, if the redhead was only nice but not really into girls? Maybe she would kick Pen out of her cottage! Pen moaned as the landlady intensively rubbed her crotch with a towel…. and again she saw into Sally’s eyes, so much desire…. hot lust…..
After they left the bathroom Penelope received a pink panties for the night…. and then Sally led her upstairs the spiral staircase and brought her to bed. She covered her body with the blanket and pointed at the pink panties that lay next to the bed. “Oh, you little naughty girl, do you sleep naked?”
Penelope nodded, wishing the landlady would slip under the blanket and have her way with her, but much to her regret Sally went back down the spiral staircase, waving her hips. Pen started to drool.
Soon both were in their beds. Sally was downstairs next to the fireplace which burned down a while ago, upstairs there was Penelope who was so glad to be safe in this cosy cottage. But Pen felt so… frisky and excited. She could not sleep. So she quietly walked down the spiral staircase in order to get a glass of water in the kitchen. She saw Sally laying on the couch… her bum was uncovered and Penelope could not stop to stare at Sally’s naked ass. So she knelt next to the couch and touched that perfect ass, carefully fondling with her long fingernails…
Suddenly Sally turned around but much to Penelope’s relieve she did not wake up… and now her crotch and her breast were uncovered. Pen wanted to cover her with the blanket but… she could not refuse to touch Sally’s breast. Soon she kissed and licked the rosy little mountain peaks and one by one got so stiff. The redhead moaned. She must have a wet dream, Penelope grinned. Carefully the dark-haired girl sucked the hard nipples and her hand went to Sally’s crotch. With her finger she spread Sally’s pussy-lips and much to her delight the redhead was wet…. deeper and deeper Pen pushed her finger into Sally, who was moaning louder. Now Penelope’s tongue was twirling at Sally’s nipples while she finger-fucked the sleeping redhead. Then Sally’s body arched, she moaned “Yes, yesssss…oooohhhh!”
Penelope watched as Sally was breathing deeply while her pelvis slowly moved up and down…. “She might wake up soon”, Pen was afraid. “She might through me out of her cottage! Did I satisfy her? Yes, I think so.” Penelope did not know if she should stay or not but then she hastily walked upstairs straight into her bed…. “Oh, how stupid! I should have stayed… this wonderful pussy…. oh….” Penelope’s hand went down her body and she started to masturbate.
At the same time the redhead woke out of a wild, wet dream. Her nipples were still so stiff and she was wet. What was this? She noticed something glister…. like little snowflakes small as a grain sand laying on the ground next to the couch.  “Where did I see this recently”, she thought.  With her fingers she touched the glistering dust. “This could be Pixy Dust..”Sally stopped caressing her wet pussy. “The Postcard-girl! The same glistering particles were in her long hairs! So that is why I loved her from the first moment I saw her and therefore did not send her away. So Pixy Dust or not, she is wonderful…. and I want her. Now.”
Sally did not put on her nightie and so she walked upstairs the spiral staircase naked. Slowly she approached the large bed and she noticed that Penelope obviously did not sleep at all. Indeed she seemed to be very busy. “Oh, you sexy, lovable whorish intruder”, the redhead purred, “are you preparing yourself for me?”
The dark-haired girl stopped masturbating, oh, she was so close…. with big, bright eyes like a deer she stared at the horny redhead who purred: “It looks like you cannot sleep…. maybe you need some help?”
She did not wait for an answer when she slipped under the blanket. She pushed her wet crotch against Penelope’s upper thigh and then she squeezed Pen’s pussy… softly and she looked deep into her eyes, making per putty in her hands. “Please….”, Penelope gasped, “I could not resist… I wanted a glass of…. ahhhh…. yesss… water…. and…. oooohhh…. I saw youuuuuuuu….”
“So it was you”, Sally snarled, “you stopped too soon… I need more. Much more.”
“Oh, yes…. yesssss”, Pen whispered. “you don’t need to be a grumpy, awwwwww, I do anything for you. oh yes…. yes….”
Sally enjoyed how Penelope was gasping, her mouth wide open as Sally’s finger twirled in her pussy. Soon their lips did melt and tongues were twirling and the vibrations of Penelope’s scream made the redhead incredibly hot. She pinched Pen’s nipples softly, rubbed them and played with them while with her other hand she fucked her. Then Sally stopped in order to change position and she sat down at Pen’s breast and rubbed her nipples with her clit…. Pen seized Sally’s ass and pushed her pussy against her nipples, which were incredibly big. Then she fucked the redhead with her nipples while Sally pushed her fingers into Penelope’s hole…. and soon both did cum with an orgiastic scream.
Tongues were twirling, the girls hugged and fondled each other and they did not notice the moon came out, followed by the stars. The snow had stopped falling and the sky was so clear. Meanwhile the snow was about 4 feet high so it was impossible to leave the cottage. But this was not a problem since neither Sally nor Penelope wanted to go outside. Sally opened the drawer of her night-table and with a devilish grin she took out a huge Feeldoe…. The postcard-girl looked at this fucktoy. “Oh, I never have seen such a toy! How does it work? May I?”
The redhead smiled and inserted the tail of the fuck-toy into Pen’s slit while she kissed and sucked Penelope’s navel…. The dark-haired girl gasped lustily when one end of the Feeldoe slowly slide into her body… and Sally’s mouth moved from Pen’s navel downwards…. and she took the head of the fuck-toy and moved it for- and backwards with her hand, while she caressed Pen’s bum. Then Sally knelt down and took the toy-head into her mouth and with both of her hands she gently massaged and fondled Penelope’s boobs. The busty girl moaned like never before, she grabbed Sally’s head and pushed and pulled her against her crotch, enlarging her lust.
“Yes! YESSSSS!” the dark-haired girl screamed and her body started to shiver. Sally stopped sucking the toy-cock…. Lasciviously she smiled at Pen, waving her hips. Then she laid down at her back, spread her legs and purred: “Fuck me, Penelope!” And so the busty girl did. With a stifling cry she almost jumped on the redhead, so horny, so greedy and then the redhead gave a yelling scream when Penelope fucked her hard… her hips moved up and down, faster and faster and she fucked the screaming redhead passionately…. and the Pixy Dust made them fuck non-stop. Then it was Sally’s turn to fuck Penelope…. It was such an intensive experience so the redhead could not get enough to fuck Penelope into all holes. Also she fucked her boobs and her mouth, too… As soon as Sally needed a rest after she fucked her for several hours she again got licked intensively and finally fucked by Penelope, who kissed the Landlady deeply while she hammered the toy-cock into her.
It was almost noon when Sally got up with a yelling scream. Penelope almost fall out of the bed.
“Wha…. wha…. what is wrong, Sally?” the busty girl ask when she did awake with a start.
“I should have been at work, Pen!”
Immediately the redhead took the phone and pressed the button of an abbreviated dial code…. nothing. She tried again.
“No response! What happened?” Sally grumbled. “Where are these lazy folks?”
“Perhaps skiing”, Pen grinned as she looked out the skylight.
“Skiing? I will go and kick their asses!” the redhead hissed. Then she looked out the window of the living-room. “The snow must be more than one meter high. Impossible to drive to work. We are snowed in. Fortunately there is enough food for more than a week……”
“We can make snow-angels outside, Sally!”
“Yes, we can”, the redhead grinned while she walked up the staircase again. “I recommend we fuck each other until we are boiling hot and then we go and make snow angels outside in order to cool our overheated bodies. Then you and me have a ‘shared shower’ and then we will have hot coffee and tea for breakfast.
“And then?” Penelope asked with an innocent look in her eyes.
Sally looked out the window.
“Well, the snow is so high and it will stay for a while. Since we cannot go shopping all we can do is to make love, relax, clean the house, eat and relax and then make love again. “
And so it happened. And when the Magic Pixy Dust was gone? Nothing happened. If two people have been brought together by Pixy Dust they never will leave each other. Never. Forever. In love. 
For my wife Penelope,

Christmas 2013-15

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