The Order of Sweetwhores

Published April 8, 2013 by Sally

So you liked my juicy story about you becoming a nun! Oh, yes I knew this was thrilling you…. and now you thrilled me when you sent me these pictures.

We will organize the Sweetwhore Order to please our Mother of Juice and Love. The Mother of Juice and Love will be a huge statue in the entrance hall – a perfect formed naked women. Every novice has to kiss and wash her oversized pussy daily.
order of sweetwhores
Premises are needed – I propose to buy the hotel in Rio de Janeiro which you should remember from one of our latest trips.

Your and my room will be in the upper floor, there will be enough space for the Priestess of Lasciviousness and for the novice in the lower floors. The novices will wear a white robe (according to the colour of innocence) and carry a chastity belt during the first weeks of their introduction.

The Priestess of Lasciviousness are well-trained whores who will bring us the most talented novices. You and me will free them from the chastity belt and test them when time has come…

We will recruit the novices from the street, fallen angels, homeless girls. We give them a new home and they give us their love and their juices.

Pen! Time

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