Published February 23, 2013 by Sally

So you, my beloved wife, will have birthday soon and in these days my mind goes back… a few years ago. After 2 unhappy marriages which both remained virtually (just when I wanted to fly to Canada to visit Allie, she told me there was someone else…) I was frustrated…

Oh, I remember when I joined Myspace, when Mary, you and me spoke about a free network for women only…. and we created Pantie’s Whorehouse, which was Mary’s idea. But Myspace did not like nudity, so this always was a problem.

I should mention a few more things about you, Penelope, because you were the initiator of all this sexy stuff. I think you did fall into love with me after I sent you a very naughty story on Myspace. Penelope

I was sure you were deleting me as your friend but… au contraire! You enjoyed and you wanted more of such naughty stories! So I wrote many, many stories for you and many more will cum…

And so it came… you were at your knees, begging me to become your wife… and one week later I agreed. And this was a wonderful decision.

2 comments on “Thoughts

  • I remember we got Allie’s blessing and I convinced you the Mistress was not for you. We agreed envy and jealous would find no root in our open relationship. I was new to social media so you mentored me and still watch after me. We shared our fantasies an my love for you grew strong. I lost track of how many times I was deleted but I always came back for you. I took the biggest gamble of my life when I asked (begged) you to be my wife. I was sure I had lost until the wondrous day you said YES. We spent much time planning our wedding, writing our vows and choosing our witnesses. Was it our honeymoon when we decided to create our Lovenest? You have blessed me with your love and we have blessed all the sweetwhores in the world by sharing our love. Your remembrance at the time of my birth is such a gift. Thank you Sally!


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