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Published February 23, 2013 by Sally

So you, my beloved wife, will have birthday soon and in these days my mind goes back… a few years ago. After 2 unhappy marriages which both remained virtually (just when I wanted to fly to Canada to visit Allie, she told me there was someone else…) I was frustrated…

Oh, I remember when I joined Myspace, when Mary, you and me spoke about a free network for women only…. and we created Pantie’s Whorehouse, which was Mary’s idea. But Myspace did not like nudity, so this always was a problem.

I should mention a few more things about you, Penelope, because you were the initiator of all this sexy stuff. I think you did fall into love with me after I sent you a very naughty story on Myspace. Penelope

I was sure you were deleting me as your friend but… au contraire! You enjoyed and you wanted more of such naughty stories! So I wrote many, many stories for you and many more will cum…

And so it came… you were at your knees, begging me to become your wife… and one week later I agreed. And this was a wonderful decision.

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