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She is a stunning woman!

Published June 24, 2012 by Sally

There are some women I really would love to meet. Do not get me wrong, I am very selective! But she is a real hottie. Ok, she is a porn-star, so what? Contrary to politicians she gives people something for the money! And her breast are perfect…

This is Bella Rossi – Birthday 2/21/87 and… she is bi! Maybe… *smile* – however, up to now I could not find her official website – but I will look further and update this story.

I love her wrestling-pictures… Bella? Would you like a contest with me?

Bella Rossi Wrestling

Oh, not matter if I lose *grin* – And also her Lesbian Bondage Pics are so arousing….

Lesbian Bondage

An finally here are some of her other porn-pics. I guess those pics are more of interest for my dick-loving wife and I do not show them… 😉


Published June 23, 2012 by Sally

There will be a party tonight and I found out that there are never enough clothes in the wardrobe! It is a shame!


Well, but I hope I to meet nice people at the bar *grin*




Sweet Welcum Licks

Published June 23, 2012 by Sally

Someone asked me last week if I have been a Lesbian all my life or – which made me laugh – when did you become a Lesbian.

Honestly, I have been into girls all my life. I never knew it and I confess when I was married I did not suffer much *lol*

But when I had my first adventure with a woman – which was also the g/f of my hubby – I changed my mind: Why having potatoes if you can have a good, tasty steak?

Since my divorce I had no desires to touch a guy again. I like a few man but we are just friends, not more.

So I will start this blog and show you a few of the nicest pics…

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